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VXDIAG GM SPS Programming No Saturn Make Solution

Problem: I have a 2008 Saturn VUE and need to program an EBCM on it. But find it is not a selectable make for GM SPS programming. Saab and even Suzuki were both there. I tried tis2000 it has Saturn vehicles but it is too new for that software. I

GM Tech 2 TIS2000 Crack Download&How To Install On WIN XP/7/8

This guide of where to donwload GM Tech2 TIS2000 software and how to install it.Free version all from Customer support,Big thanks! TIS2000 free Software http://www.mediafire.com/file/bc92by7ao7fp1la/GM+2000NAO.7z Tis2000 Dongle Crack http://rg.to/file/a081c4c028aa1fb80ea98e15a540b9a9/TIS2000_Dongle_Crack.7z.html Tested version: How to install TIS2000 software: Customer solutions.. here you go…try on your own risk TIS2000 Window XP: *   Installed a

GM Tech2 pass-through or go-between Method to Program A Module

For users with GM Tech2 scan tools: If you’re trying to program a module, there are two methods. One is pass-through and the other is using the Tech 2 as a go-between. In detail… look here: The pass-through is to use with a laptop in the vehicle and it just

Replace Corvette C6 RCDLR Program by Tech2 or VXDIAG NANO GM

Question: I’m needing to replace my RCDLR in my  Corvette C6 08 coupe and was wondering if which tool will do it? I can’t find anyone locally with a tech 2 and i was considering getting a VXDIAG VCX Nano. It’s $150+ cheaper. Will this do it? Solution: As for

Tech-2 Programming Failed

Does anyone know what these mean or where I could find out what they mean? I was remote programming the 2-Way Advanced Remote Start GM Accessory to my truck and it failed twice. Tech-2 said: Programming Failed Utility 19213685 Line 06 Operation 27 Error Code 35 Line 06 Operation 00

GM Tech2 Cannot Detect CANDI Module Solution

Thanks for the feedback @ Chris on GM Tech2. Here share the problem he got trouble in and offered the corresponding solution. Problem: I received the tech 2. Thank you. But, when I connect to obd2, it says “cannot detect CANDI module, please verify module is connected”. If it helps

How to Install TIS2000 on Win10 RCA Cambio Tablet

The RCA Cambio has a (6) Hour Battery Life and is Very Lightweight… with a VERY Small Foot Print that will allow it to sit on the Center Console or be rotated into a Tall Rectangle for ease of Touch Screen use inside the Cab.  Also… it is nice because

How to Install GM Tech2 TIS2000 CD

What the function of TIS2000 software CD? GM Tech 2 is a standalone scan tool mainly used for diagnostic function, but with the additional TIS2000 software dongle, it is possible to carry out ECU programming for GM vehicle models (after 2007). Operating system: A laptop with COM port running Windows

(Solved)Saab 2008 9-3 Aero TTid with a fault

Car model and year: Saab 2008 9-3 Aero TTid Errors: It won’t rev from cold at all for about a minute, then sound to pick up a bit and does fine. It has no power and will pull gently but then when pushed come up with limited performance. It also