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Auto StartStop Coding for BMW F Chasis By Launch X-431 Pad VII

How can I automatically start / stop the coding for BMW F Chassis via Launch X-431 PAD VII? This is a demonstration using the example of a 2016 BMW F30 318i. Note: Before doing this, make sure there are no DTCs. Having been cleared codes on X-431 Pad 7, go

How to upgrade BMW ICOM Next A firmware step by step

How to upgrade BMW ICOM Next A firmware step by step 1. When you update the BMW ISTA diagnostic software and connect to a BMW car, the connection manager displays the firmware, indicating that your ICOM needs to be upgraded. I will show you how to upgrade the ICOM firmware through

How to reset the fuel mixture adaptations for Mercedes ME9.7

This article will show you I will show you how to reset the mixture adjustments for Mercedes ME9.7 with MB Star SDC4 / Star C5. Why need to reset the fuel mixture adaptations? After preventive work, such as cleaning the injectors and cleaning the throttle valve, which influenced the mixture

How to Solve XTOOL PAD2 can not do BMW Key programming

Recently have customer got his new XTOOL X100 PAD 2 but he found that the item not work. Used the pad2 to do BMW KEY programming but fail to do that. How to solve the problem? Let us find out. Customer: I tried a Q7 2006 to diagnostic the pneumatic

How to Fix BMW ICOM NEXT not work

Do update Emergency Firmware on BMW ICOM Next for fix troubles when it not find IP address or all LEDs show Red Color ICOM NEXT Error: I have one BMW ICOM Next bought from China have been use 2 years great ,but sundenly it stop work .It will not connection any

Digimaster 3 changed km from BMW E60 35080

Look here: Digimaster 3 change mileage for BMW E60 35080 Connect Digimaster 3 to the E60 dashboard In digimaster 3: Meter system – Europe – BMW – 5 series (E60) – Meter adjustment – 35080 Digimaster 3 and 35080 wiring diagram Digimaster 3 is gonna read current km: 278144km Then save

Autel IM508/IM608 Do Repair BMW CAS3+ ISTAP

Here comes the common problem with BMW CAS3 key programming via OBD: BMW X1 2011 CAS3++ istap now cannot turn on with the working key. I downgraded CAS3, did put battery support on (GYS Flash) but Wifi cut out during update. And it failed now no ignition. Here are the