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How to Connect JLR DoIP VCI Pathfinder Interface

The new JLR approved DOIP VCI is the only unit that will be compatible with Pathfinder and all JLR vehicles with the new vehicle architectures (from the Range Rover/Range Rover Sport (L405/L494) 17MY onwards) or allow the enhanced diagnostics that Pathfinder will offer the retailer. Part 1: How to Connect

VXDIAG VCX SE JLR Not Connected to VCI Solution

Problem: I had a problem connecting vxdiag vcx se se jlr doip with Pathfinder and vehicle. vx manager didn’t detect the vcx se unit. Tried installing JLR VCI Manager driver,  nothing happened. error “Not connected to VCI”, image attached: Solution: Try to connect vcx se jlr with PC via WiFi.

Where to Find Jaguar Land Rover Keys that Allow ID to be Changed

Question: I need to duplicate a new key to a Land rover sport 2015 with Yanhua Mini ACDP and module 9. It asks for a special key that can change ID correctly on the BAV key adapter. Where can I find the aftermarket Landrover/ Jaguar keys that allow the ID

Xhorse VVDI2 2005 Discovery 3 Write Back Unused or Used Slot to CEM

Question: 2005 Land Rover Discovery3/LR3 AKL I pulled the CEM read the data with xhorse vvdi prog and wrote back to the 5th unused slot and wrote the data back to the cem with vvdi2. Now before I go to reinstall I am second doubting myself, should I be using

Original JLR DoIP VCI Car List

Original WIFI JLR DoIP VCI interface, supports Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles till 2020. Work with original software on offcial website. Buy device get one year free pathfinder online account, is the only unit that will be compatible with Pathfinder and all JLR vehicles with the new vehicle architectures. Original

Lonsdor 518ISE Program 2018 Range Rover Evoque All Smart Keys Lost via OBD

2018 Range Rover Evoque is very difficult to program when lost all smart keys.  Here we program it in a crazy easy what via OBD only.  No EEPROM, No KVM out, no break the system. Tools required: Lonsdor K518ISE or K518S key programmer Lonsdor new JLR software license Lonsdor dedicated JLR

How to Choose JLR Diagnostic Tools for Land Rover and Jaguar

What is the best JLR diagnostic tool for Land Rover and Jaguar ? There are many tools for Land Rover and Jaguar in the markert, how to choose the one you need? Below is the comparison of different diagnostic tools for Land Rover& Jaguar JLR VCI V160 SDD reading and