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How to Clone Benz 272 ME17.7 Hybrid Engine ECU by CG FC200

Problem: Mercedes-Benz 272 engine control unit with hybrid engine, not petrol engine, car cannot start. The customer doesn’t want to fix it, they want to clone the data to a new 272 engine ECU. Solution: Use CG FC200 ECU Programmer to read original Mercedes Benz 272 Hybrid Engine ECU data and

How to solve benz c6 installation file check failure

When installing MB Star C6 driver for 2021/12 xentry software, this prompt appears:‘The file checked failed, try again’,‘Connect device error, ping failed’. When I Delete and reinstall the C6 driver, another RunCommand Error popped up. How to solve? Solution: Customer got technical support from engineer via Teamviewer. Change another good network

How to Update Mercedes Xentry Diagnostic to 03-2022

How to Update Mercedes Xentry Diagnostic to 03-2022? There’re a couple of ways to update the Mercedes Diagnostic Coding System: * Xentry Diagnostics Software 03-2022 free download and you can directly install this version based on the 12-2021 version. * SSD Xentry Diagnostics system ready to work with your own

New Holland Electronic Service Tools (CNH EST 9.5) Diagnostic Software

Electronic Service Tool 9.5 (EST) Engineering Level (software only) – used by New Holland dealer technicians to connect with vehicles that have a Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS. The brand new version of New Holland CNH EST works with OS Windows 10 64 bit, except Home edition). CNH EST v9.5 has

VXDIAG Benz Connect Error No Caesar File and Ping Failed Solution

Here comes the solution of the Vxdiag Benz C6 (as well as vcx se benz) connection errors. vx manager can see my device, but the device icon remains unconnected. Others can solve it by installing the 2021.03 driver.  but it still shows error ‘Connect error CAT cannot open caesar.cfg file when

Benz 722.9 7G gearbox SCN coding SD connect C4 done

This is an instruction for educational purpose for those not acquainted with SCN coding a second hand virginized TCM. If you do not know the EHS number, it is impossible to make the correct software update and SCN coding. It’s your own risk. Here, it can be done with an

Benz W222 Seat Belt Warning Disabled by DTS Monaco

Sometimes,you only drive a short distance with low speed,then you don’t need to fasten your seat belt.So here is a guide on how to use DTS Monaco to disable seat belt warning for Mercedes Benz W213,W205,W222,W217,W253,W257 etc. Procedures: Run DTS Monaco software on your PC,then click “Temporary workspace” And select “IC213”