Xtool tablets cluster mileage correction for VW Polo 2014

Xtool tablets (Xtool D8, D9 Pro, A80/H6 Pro etc) are good at VAG MQB 2014- VDO cluster mileage correction. Here is an example of VW Polo 2014.6. Only continental and VDO clusters are supported. Original odometer: 231419km Select Special Function->Instrument Cluster->VW->Polo->MQB(2014.06-) Turn on ignition switch, but don’t start engine. It

KT200 ECU Programmer VS CG FC200 ECU Programmer

KT200 ECU Programmer VS CG FC200 ECU Programmer KT200 ECU Programmer VS CG FC200 ECU Programmer Name KT200 CG FC200 Image   Software Language Italian, English, Dutch, French,Spanish, Polish, Portuguese,Czech, Romanian, Turkish English,French,Spanish,Polish, Turkish, Chinese Dongle NO NO ECU Search Search ecu by ecu number,car brand Search ecu by bosch ecu number, car brand Operation mode Beach, Boot, BDM/KTAG and OBD

OBDSTAR IMMO Update in September 2022

OBDSTAR IMMO Upgrade Announcement of September 2022: CHRYSLER/ DODGE/ JEEP V33.39, GN V33.50, GREATWALL V32.07, HYUNDAI / KIA/ GENESIS V31.41, Nissan V32.32, OPEL/ VAUXHALL V30.67, RENAULT V31.34. Apply for Obdstar immo tablet: OBDSTAR X300DP Plus, OBDSTAR X300 Pro4 Key Master Function Brand Software Version Details IMMO CHRYSLER/ DODGE/ JEEP V33.39

CAT Caterpillar ET 3 cant Connect the Truck

CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool from Caterpillar provide the capability to access Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) from a personal computer. Many job-critical tasks can be performed with an electronic service tool. The user can display the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) simultaneously, view active and clear

ISUZU E-IDSS Engine Diagnostic Service System Free Download

What is Isuzu E-IDSS? Isuzu E-IDSS is abbreviation of Isuzu Diagnostic Service System for Engine. E-IDSS Engineering Release is designed to support Isuzu Engines. With each new release of the E-IDSS program, additional vehicle engine configurations and controller systems may be supported. IDSS is designed to support Isuzu Motors. Engine

The steps to Install Driver and Configure for Openport 2.0 J2534

Openport 2.0 adapter is capable of communicating with most OBDII compliant vehicle with standard J2534.Here car-auto-repair.com show you guide on how to install and configure driver for Openport 2.0 J2534. Preparations: Openport 2.0 driver Free Download Openport 2.0 adapter Procedures: Connect USB cable to laptop and Openport 2.0 adapter Then

John Deere Service ADVISOR 5.2 CF Construction & Forestry

INSTALL John Deere Service ADVISOR 5.2 CF Construction & Forestry ( FULL DVDs ) – INSTALL & ACTIVATE WITH TEAMVIEWER SUPPORT – Support in connect to your JD machine by teamviewer – Works with John Deere EDL V1 , V2 , V3 – SIZE : 120GB John Deere Service Advisor

How to use Autel MK808 to diagnose vehicles

How to use Autel MK808 to diagnose vehicles 1. Identify your vehicle The MaxiCOM diagnostic system supports 4 methods for vehicle Identification. 1) Auto VIN Scan: The MaxiCOM diagnostic system features the latest VIN-Based Auto VIN Scan function to identify vehicles and scan all the diagnosable ECUs and run diagnostics on