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How to Clone Benz 272 ME17.7 Hybrid Engine ECU by CG FC200

Problem: Mercedes-Benz 272 engine control unit with hybrid engine, not petrol engine, car cannot start. The customer doesn’t want to fix it, they want to clone the data to a new 272 engine ECU. Solution: Use CG FC200 ECU Programmer to read original Mercedes Benz 272 Hybrid Engine ECU data and

Ktag or PCMTuner Read Ford SID807EVO, which is better?

Question: I need to read and write Ford Connect 2014 Continental SID 807evo ecu. Tried with KTAG 6.070 China clone, no luck. It reads it up to 52% at the ktag and then puts me an error. Then i tried the new PCMtuner. It failed me again. Any solution? Solution: Ktag:

How to Read and Write VAG DQ200 DQ250 with PCMTuner

Question: I cannot read VAG DQ200 grearbox TCU with PCMtuner. Why do I have grey buttons on read and write Have the Same Problem with DQ250. Solution: If you are reading through obd you can only VR read, need to id and request file. If you read on bench you

Test PCM Tuner with Toyota Techstream

PCMTuner Interface as a Passthru J2534 interface, works with VW Audi, GM, MB, BMW ISTA. VAG ODIS can work with pcm tuner too. Here we tested with version 17.00.020 Install PCMTuner driver Driver can be downloaded on the official website or here Run Techstream, if it asks for activation,

How to solve CG Pro “Device is not connected”

I have connected my CG Pro 9S12 to the laptop via the usb cable. But when I run the CG Pro software, I got the error message “Device is disconnected” and “Device is not connected”. Is this because I didn’t connect the device to my car? OBD2TOOL technician replied: CG Pro doesn’t

How to Read and Write PSA SID208 ECU in cheap way

Is available any cheap way to read/write PSA Peugeot Citroen SID 208 ecu? Can I read SID208 ECU with Kess, Ktag or pcm-flash clone?  Any update to this tool or other clone tool? 1.KESS V2/KTAG clone Kess genuine cannot make this. Only genuine ktag on pinout or with ktag obd

How to Use iProg Change Mileage for Chevrolet Captiva via OBD2

This instruction show you guide on how to use iProg Pro software to do odometer correction for Chevrolet Captiva 9S12HZ128 by OBD2. Preparations: Newest iProg Pro Plus iProg+ v84 v82 Free Download Procedures: Connect iPROG interface to Chevrolet Captiva by OBD,then run iPROG software Select “Chevrolet_Captiva_(9S12HZ128)_OBD2” And click “Read EEPROM”,then

How to Solve Mini ACDP Detect CAS as Abnormal When Adding New Keys

Customer problem: I use Mini ACDP to add new key to my BMW car. But the system prompts that the CAS is not normal. I follow the solution suggested to do IMMO. It asks me to put the new key into the steering wheel coil, and press Start button, no