How to Clone Benz 272 ME17.7 Hybrid Engine ECU by CG FC200

Problem: Mercedes-Benz 272 engine control unit with hybrid engine, not petrol engine, car cannot start. The customer doesn’t want to fix it, they want to clone the data to a new 272 engine ECU.

Solution: Use CG FC200 ECU Programmer to read original Mercedes Benz 272 Hybrid Engine ECU data and then write to new same ECU bank.

Car info:
Vehicle model: 2012 Mercedes Benz S350L (W221)
Old mileage: 121004km
Engine computer type: ME17.7
Engine parameters: 272 hybrid, 6-cylinder 3.5L
Computer board information: BOSCH ME17.7 (TC1796)


Operation guide:
Step 1: Clone the original data of Mercedes 272 engine ECU
Step 2: Clone the original data to the new ECU
Step 3: Install the new ECU onto the car to test

Step 1: Clone the original data of Mercedes 272 engine ECU

Connect CG FC200 device to the computer


Open CG FC200 software
Select Mercedes Benz>> 350 4MATIC M272 272>> Bosch ME17.7 TC1796


Click ‘Wiring diagram’ and follow the clear wiring diagram to connect CG FC200 and Mercedes 272 engine ECU by the Vehicle-grade wiring harness


Note: if the wire is connected incorrectly, it will burn the engine or lost data

2.Read DFlash& PFlash data:
Click on ‘Indentify”
It says connects successfully, mean the wire is connected rightly, it shows the serial number and hardware ID.
Click on ‘Read DFlash’
This file is only 128KB and can be read out in a second, after read successfully, save it.
Click on ‘Read PFlash’
This file is 4MB and it takes 2-3 minutes, after read successfully, save it.
Okay, read out successfully the original data from the old Benz 272 engine ECU.


Disconnect the wire from the old Benz 272 engine ECU.

Step 2: Clone the original data to the new ECU

Instead the new ECU, here we find out the ECU box removed from the car, before cloning the original data to this ECU.


1.Read &write DFlash& PFlash data
Enter the same option ‘Bosch ME17.7 TC1796’
Identify the ECU>> Read DFlash and save >> Read PFlash and save>> Write DFlash (select the backup data to write)>> Write PFlash
It takes a longer time, just wait a moment until PFlash data is written by CG FC200 successfully.


Step 3: Install the new ECU onto the car to test
The new engine ECU has been installed back to the car
It can start normally, and the speed is also normal.


Okay! CG FC200 successfully clones the original data of Mercedes Benz 272 with hybrid engine ECU to new one. FC200 is a good ECU Programmer for the price. It can be updated online for free for one year. It makes the connection process easier and saves much time. It’s worth buying, especially the beginner who wants to learn.

More information about Auto ECU Programmer, please refer to

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