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How to Use Launch X431 PRO5 Perform “DSG Transmission Basic Setting” for VW Passat

Today we’d like to say Launch X431 PRO5 can do DSG Transmission Basic Setting for VW Passat , it’s also applied to Launch X431 PAD V, X431 Pro3 V4.0, X431 Pad VII etc. When you repair your 2013 VW Passat , after you change DSG Transmission, DSG clutch pack, DSG mechatronic, DTC

Auto StartStop Coding for BMW F Chasis By Launch X-431 Pad VII

How can I automatically start / stop the coding for BMW F Chassis via Launch X-431 PAD VII? This is a demonstration using the example of a 2016 BMW F30 318i. Note: Before doing this, make sure there are no DTCs. Having been cleared codes on X-431 Pad 7, go

Toyota Crown 2013 All Keys Lost & Remote Programming by Launch X431

This article show a guide on how to use Launch X431 to program keys and remote for Toyota Crown 2013. Procedures: Connect Launch X431 to Toyota Crown,and enter the menu to select “Toyota v48.81” This software can diagnose Powertrain,Chassis and Body system on Toyota vehicles. Select “16 PIN DLC (Europe and

Launch X431 V+ diagnostic tool VCI Not Connected

Customers from European countries report this error to our customer service, which means that Launch X431 V+ start diagnostic tool VCI Not connected? How is this usage problem happening? We can see error pictures provided below: Moreover, the tool’s VCI connection is lost and the purple light is on. How to

How to perform Mercedes Benz 4th Generation Gearbox clone with Launch X431 Pad

This article is about how to perform Mercedes Benz 4th Generation Gearbox clone with Launch X431 PAD V / Pad VII Plus X-PROG3 GIII (update software to Immobilizer programmer V10.06) Here we go for the operation guide: 1.  Select the Anti-theft programmer software, click [OK] -> [OK] to enter. 2.  Connect the Immobilizer

Sprinter 2014 Diesel 2.2 Liter ECU Info Add to Launch X431 Pad VII

Car model and year: Mercedes Sprinter 316 BlueTEC, 2014, 2.2 CDI, 163 Hp Symptom: Mercedes Benz dealer upgraded the car ECU, now I used Launch X431 Pad VII to read and clear the trouble codes, but not able to identify the ECU. I have all the ECU Flash data, software version

How to Update Launch X-Prog 3 Software

X-PROG 3 advanced immobilizer & key programmer is a powerful chip reading device that can read/write keys to the vehicle. Compatible with X-431 series diagnostic scanners, Launch X-prog 3 enables Anti-theft type identification, Remote control matching, Key chip reading & matching, anti-theft password reading and anti-theft component replacement. Launch X-Prog 3

VW Passat DSG Transmission Basic Setting by X431 PAD

How to perform “DSG Transmission Basic Setting” for VW Passat 2013 with the guided function of Launch X431 PAD V. It is applied to X431 Pro V4.0, X431 Pro3 V4.0, X431 Pad VII etc. After change DSG Transmission, DSG clutch pack, DSG mechatronic, DTC -P175F00, transmission basic setting not perform.