Benz 722.9 7G gearbox SCN coding SD connect C4 done

This is an instruction for educational purpose for those not acquainted with SCN coding a second hand virginized TCM. If you do not know the EHS number, it is impossible to make the correct software update and SCN coding.

It’s your own risk.

Here, it can be done with

an original Star diagnosis diagnostic system


China clone SD Connect C4 multiplexer

Both will do online and offline programming well.

But specific DAS version is required.

MB 722.9 7g gearbox coding in the process:

Step 1: Change EHS number

Step 2: Update software offline

Step 3: Online SCN Coding

in detail…

Step 1: Change EHS number

After well setup SD Connect C4 software on Dell laptop, go to Electronic transmission control (722.9 7G-Tronic) program
Select “Control unit version”

Locate EHS part number.

This is the software stored in the virginized unit which software should be changed so that the 722.9 TCM should work in this chassis and SCN coding be performed. This should be done after the EHS number is changed.
Back to 722.9 7G-Tronic program, select “Development data”
Select “Control unit adaptations”
Select “Control unit adaptations (Download)”
Select “ZBEHS (DL-ID-ZBEHS)” option
Enter the EHS number here
If the system display Result “1” means that the EHS number is correct and programmed
Back to 722.9 module program and check if the EHS number is changed in “Control unit version”

Step 2: Update software offline

Select “Control unit adaptations”
Select “Control module programming”
Come to next step: How to change the software offline
Select Offline programming. This procedure should be done offline.
The next program will prompt you what should you do next.  Follow the instructions strictly.
Enter the reason for control unit programming, here we enter “1”
Offline coding is progress. The actual programming takes 5.00 minutes
Back to Control unit version program
Now you see that the software is changed properly and corresponding to the chassis. Once you have done all the step-by-step procedure you can continue with the SCN coding.

Step 3: Online SCN Coding

Go back to 722.9 7G-Tronic program
Again select Control unit adaptations
Select SCN coding
Select Online programming.

The last step online SCN Coding should be completed online.

Then follow system prompt until it is completely done.

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