How to Fix BMW ICOM NEXT not work

Do update Emergency Firmware on BMW ICOM Next for fix troubles when it not find IP address or all LEDs show Red Color

I have one BMW ICOM Next bought from China have been use 2 years great ,but sundenly it stop work .It will not connection any Vehicles and Programmer says Etherenet can’t find IP address . the ICOM NEXT mux all LEDS going Red and the System LED blinking Red-Yellow .
BMW ICOM NEXT not work Soultion :

1.Go to check BMW ICOM programmer Directory :C\ProgramData\BMW\ISP\data\TRIC\ICOMNEXT\ICOM-Image-XX-YY-ZZ( Show hidden files if you not find it ),if there have more than one ICOM-Image-XX-YY-ZZ file ,then choose the most recent one for last updates .

2.Copy the file ICOM_Next_app_yyyyyy.tar.gz and ICOM_Next_rootfs_xxxxxx.tar.gz to Your USB Disk ROOT Directory(Important) .

3.Disconnect ICOM NEXT Mux from Power adapter or Vehicle,And pull the USB Disk to ICOM’S USB port

4.Press the Reset Button and keep Hold,another Hand held the OBDII Cable with vehicles diagnotic socket(Start Engineer for supply power ),the whole LEDS will glow red.


5.Now release the reset button ,Press again 3 times within 4 seconds. After there will be going do firmware update

6.Wait several minutes until all LEDS stop glowing(Do not disconnect ICOM mux as long as any LED glows red)

7.The emergency firmware update is finised !now you can pull out USB Disk and try Connect LAN Cable to vehicle for Test .all setting will need be reconfigured since it have been lost .

If you want to know more about bmw diagnositc tools, please click bmw trouble repair.

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