VXDIAG GM SPS Programming No Saturn Make Solution


I have a 2008 Saturn VUE and need to program an EBCM on it. But find it is not a selectable make for GM SPS programming. Saab and even Suzuki were both there. I tried tis2000 it has Saturn vehicles but it is too new for that software. I have a tech2 but no options for changin vin, or module setup for EBCM. What software is used to program this vehicle?



There’s no other programming software from GM out of SPS.  According to GM Service Information, to program the EBCM from a 2008 Saturn Vue , you should use SPS

Electronic Brake Control Module Programming and Setup

EBCM Replacement
If the electronic brake control module (EBCM) is replaced, the following procedures must be performed.

EBCM Reprogramming–Refer to Service Programming System (SPS).

EBCM Programming and Setup — Hybrid
If the electronic brake control module (EBCM) is replaced or needs reprogrammed, the following procedures must be performed:

•  EBCM Reprogramming–Refer to Service Programming System (SPS).

•  Perform the module setup EBCM Relearn.

•  Perform the module setup Acceleration Sensor Reset.

•  Perform the module setup BMC Prim. Piston Pos. Relearn.

Setup for Component Replacement
The replacement of ABS components such as the steering wheel position sensor may require a setup procedure for complete repair. Refer to Steering Angle Sensor Centering.

Solution 1:

Resolve the issue by using the new SPS2.

Saturn Sps

Solution 2:
Even if you pick a completely wrong vehicle, the GM servers will load the correct calibration. I did not have saturn in mine either and I picked a chevy Silverado instead and it worked without any problems. I plugged in the original ECM and the calibrations were the same.

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