Tech-2 Programming Failed

Does anyone know what these mean or where I could find out what they mean?

I was remote programming the 2-Way Advanced Remote Start GM Accessory to my truck and it failed twice.

Tech-2 said:

Programming Failed
Utility 19213685
Line 06 Operation 27 Error Code 35
Line 06 Operation 00 Error Code 00
Line 06 Operation 27 Error Code 35

Reply by newdude:

GM Techline has to add the appropriate calibrations to the vehicle.  If you found a brand new in box 2 way kit, there is an authorization code on a sticker on a sheet of paper in the box.  You need that code, and the code has to be given to Techline to authorize the programming.

There is also four versions of the two way kit.  There is one kit for trucks that have RPO code AP8 which is keyless entry with remote start prep, and then there is a kit for AP3 which is keyless entry with factory remote start.  For both of those styles, there is then further #s for power liftgate or not.

AP8 without power gate:  19244150
AP3 without power gate:  19244151
AP8 with power gate:  19244152
AP3 with power gate:  19244153
So if you are starting out with the wrong kit, that will be a problem as well.

Reply by swathdiver:

This kit did not come with the activation code on the sticker like the accessories did.  The instructions do not reference it either, just to download the yellow label RCDLR programming.

The regular Techline people won’t talk to me without a dealer number.  So I have to call another number and they do not do VCI codes over there.  I have the older version of the 2nd option, 19244151 which is 19156555.  These part numbers and the part numbers of the parts inside were used on other vehicles, like the Acadia.  Appreciate the help.

Reply by Jsdirt:

Geeze Louise! NOTHING should be this complicated. Kudos to you for your patience. I probably would’ve set fire to the truck dealing with all this b/s!!

Reply by swathdiver:


We went ahead and attempted to do this again since the weather cooled.  Still had issues but after 30 minutes consulting with the engineers the solution was simple.  Use the Tech-2 as a pass thru and program as normal for the RCDLR with yellow label.  So we brought the laptop out beside the truck and everything eventually worked as it should.

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