Option to purchase cheaper update of a MS908

I’ve had my Maxi Sys Pro for close to 2 months and can’t foresee having to access Autel’s server to download J2534 files very often to  program  BMWs, Mercedes , and VW cars too often. I think the folk like myself might be more inclined to update a Maxi Sys Pro if we could update cheaper as a regular Maxi Sys and understand that we would no longer be able to access  the J2534 programming files off Autel Server for BMW, Mercedes,  and VW but still do SCI coding and update the car software as a regular Maxisys MS908P.

I too would like to purchase Autel Diagnostic Tool 908 only with maybe option to purchase 2day access if need arises。Sub finished aug 2016 and no plans to renew at 1500$+cnd. How are you enjoying the software, are you somewhat updated or updating software regularly

I just happened to find a very good deal on a slightly used MS908 P. that has most of the update period remaining. Got a copy of the sale invoice and a bill of sale,but  didn’t even bother to re register thing  in my name yet. Besides needing coverage for newer cars I Basically got it so I could have a J2534 if I ever need to purchase an OE  sub and flash something off my laptop, because just a  Drew tech J2534 alone would cost close to what I paid for this MS908P used. I Haven’t programmed keys or replaced a PCM or programmable module yet with it so far.

The Obd2 scan tool results sometimes don’t take (on Fords especially) Not Started  won’t save the codes, or at least not immediately to Shop manager work history. Saves the car description and Vin immediately though but not the auto scan  codes. I put a 32 GB micro SD card in the unit slot and now some  BMW files from an update were automatically put to the external SD card, so now I assume  the external SD card has to stay in it as permanent expanded storage space. Any hope of copying the entire scan folder to save as a backup on my PC would have to be attempted with a USB thumb drive. Over all it scans cars fine and save most VIN and cars successfully in Work History , but I haven’t bothered entering customer information, mileage , plate #s etc yet because it’s not a sure thing that the autoscan codes will be stored for the vehicle. Maxi Fix don’t seem to work right that I can tell. I like that I can read my email and use on internet. Blue tooth range of VCI is good, the WIFI range is not as good.

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