How to Autel IM608 to Program Porsche Cayenne 93C86 Key

How to program a new key for Porsche Cayenne Continental with Autel IM608? Year 2008 is 315MHz with panic button. Autel XP400 Pro says chip not connected.


Obd or on the bench. 2 options here. Sometimes it’s easy via obd. If not, then in the bank. Gasoline is usually ok by OBD. Diesel on bench. Normally. You need with cs and pin. You just can’t proceed without a PIN and CS. Remove the kessy read the 93c86 and get PIN and 7 digits cs. Then program via obd. CS needs to precode the key and then program it with the PIN code.

Just did one today.
1. Remove chip and read using APA002.
2. Dealer key
3. Load EEprom data
4. Make dealer key
5. Learn key


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