DoIP W222 diagnosis SDconnect C4 or Xentry Connect C5

What for Mercedes DoIP W222 diagnosis? Looking for a Mercedes diagnostic tool, supports W222 model new DoIT system with DoIP complaint…

You can have a SDconnect C4 (genuine better) or Xentry Connect C5 (clone or genuine..both ok)

SD connect C4 DoIP: you need rework

If you have an original SDconnect C4, you have luck with DoIP diagnosis.

If you have a clone SD connect C4, usually you fail to DoIP diagnosis and XENTRY will report an error message “Initialization of the multiplexer has failed” and fail to go further.

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-1 (3)

But it doesn’t mean that you have no luck with DoIP.

Go for PCB rework…

The difference between DoIP and non-DoIP is pcb with Ethernet switch or not.

So, you have access to DoIP if you can solder the missing connector inside SDconnect.

You need: DoIP piggyback board, power board and new DoIP cable.

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-2 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-3 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-4 (3)

Also, maybe you can convert TCp/IP DLL to DoIP (Ethernet) using some SD Connect PCB add-on and firmware update via SD slot! Display picture below. But it comes to taking risk if it is not well connected.

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-5 (3)

Note that experienced tech is required to PCB rework; otherwise, you would damage your device- TRYING ON YOUR OWN RISK.

Xentry Connect C5 DoIP: 100% success.

With a XENTRY Connect C5, clone or original, you’ll have good success of DoIP diagnosis.

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-6 (3)

Original XENTRY Connect C5 DoIP is the best choice to diagnose and program Mercedes newer models like W222.

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-7 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-8 (3)

Xentry Connect C5, 1:1 clone of the original, also works good with W222 DoIP diagnosis

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-9 (3)

Note that this C5 must be the real version, not the fake one with boards same as SD Connect C4.

A real Xentry Connect C5 should have PCB as follows

DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-10 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-11 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-12 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-13 (3)
DoIP-W222-diagnosis-SDconnect-C4-or-Xentry-Connect-C5-14 (3)

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