VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS Tester III Software Update to V38.900

Latest version PIWIS III V38.900 is verified working with VXDIAG Porsche Tester III.  The Piwis 3 works rather well compared to the Piwis 2.

Version: V38.900.000, Nov. 2019


Language: English, US English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese


Operating system: Lenovo T440P Laptop Windows 7

Update method: by sending back the 240G SSD or purchasing a new SSD

What’s new in PIWIS III 38.900?

38.900 with for the experts the developer/engineering mode activated to code without passing through the Porsche server.

Older software version 38.400 with unlimited activation, with a full engineering menu.  You can install a fresh version, 38.900 (the engineering menu has been cut down). Equipment tested, ready to go.


How to Connect Porsche Tester III with Vehicle and PC?


Software version is V38.900.000,Developer mode enabled, Porsche diagnostic tool PIWS Tester III vehicle coverage up to 2020: 911, Macan, Cayeme, Panamera, Boxter Cayman

VXDIAG-Porsche-PIWIS-Tester-III-Software-Update-to-V38.900-5 VXDIAG-Porsche-PIWIS-Tester-III-Software-Update-to-V38.900-6 VXDIAG-Porsche-PIWIS-Tester-III-Software-Update-to-V38.900-7 VXDIAG-Porsche-PIWIS-Tester-III-Software-Update-to-V38.900-8 VXDIAG-Porsche-PIWIS-Tester-III-Software-Update-to-V38.900-9


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