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Digimaster 3 changed km from BMW E60 35080

Look here: Digimaster 3 change mileage for BMW E60 35080 Connect Digimaster 3 to the E60 dashboard In digimaster 3: Meter system – Europe – BMW – 5 series (E60) – Meter adjustment – 35080 Digimaster 3 and 35080 wiring diagram Digimaster 3 is gonna read current km: 278144km Then save

Autel-IM508-IM608-Do-Repair-BMW-CAS3+-ISTAP-1 (2)

Autel IM508/IM608 Do Repair BMW CAS3+ ISTAP

Here comes the common problem with BMW CAS3 key programming via OBD: BMW X1 2011 CAS3++ istap now cannot turn on with the working key. I downgraded CAS3, did put battery support on (GYS Flash) but Wifi cut out during update. And it failed now no ignition. Here are the

How-to-Read-and-Write-BMW-F-series-ISN-Code-with-Launch-X431-1 (2)

How to Read and Write BMW F series ISN Code with Launch X431

Launch X431 X-PROG3 Immo key programmer supports some BMW F chassis N20/N55/S63/N63 engine ECU ISN code read and write function, used for CAS4+ all keyys lost, CAS4/CAS4+ replacement read and write ISN code, engine replacement read and write ISN code. Supporting list: MEVD172Y SWFL-00000D07-059.008.001 SWFL-00000D07-079.005.001 SWFL-00000D07-089.050.001 SWFL-00000D07-089.070.001 SWFL-00000D07-089.080.001 SWFL-00000D07-089.090.001 SWFL-00000D07-089.100.001 SWFL-000007D5-129.005.001


BMW Energy Diagnosis

The aim of the energy diagnosis test module is to determine possible causes of a breakdown due to a flat battery or problems in the vehicle electrical system A breakdown due to a drained battery or problems in the vehicle energy system can have a wide range of causes which,


How to connect and configure BMW ICOM NANO

How to connect and configure BMW ICOM NANO 1.Check the manual. The SN serial number of the manual is the same as the SNX on the ICOM NANO label. Use the APP to scan the first QR code (left), check and copy the password, Only copy, no punctuation; Copy the


How to setup ICOM Next A WLAN connection

ICOM Next Wireless diagnostic 1.Set router wireless, wireless SSID name:ISAP,password:autosvs12345 2.Set ICOM NEXT A wireless, connected to the router, wireless SSID name:ISAP,password:autosvs12345, (Same as router setting, After setting the ICOM NEXT need to reconnect to vehicle) 3.BMW diagnostic PC connect to wireless router ISAP, you can start wireless diagnosis. 01.Configuration router


How to Upgrade ICOM Next Firmware

Before starting our topic “How to Upgrade ICOM Next Firmware?”, let’s have an overview of one user’s feedback: when powered up the unit, immediately the COMM LED light RED !  Other LEDs light blue. When connected the unit to my laptop with ISTA D v4.24, LAN LED lights blue and


How To Program A BMW Footwell Module with Autel Maxisys Elite

Today we are going to be programming a BMW footwell module with the Maxisys Elite. The vehicle is a BMW 2010 328i. My client replaced the damaged module with a blank one from the dealer. In this presentation, you will see step by step on how we did this procedure.