Month: February 2022


Xtool X100 PRO2 Change Odometer Reading in 2007 Fiat Idea

X-100 Pro Auto Key Programmer is a hand-held device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your vehicle service experience much easier! Xtool X-100 Pro2 is updated version of X100+, including X100+ all the matching function and add


How to Program a Car Key

Programming a Key Sit in the driver’s seat. You’ll need access to the car’s ignition switch in order to link the keys to the car’s systems. You may need two working keys to make or fix a third. Consult your owner’s manual for additional steps required by the manufacturer. Search


How to solve CG Pro “Device is not connected”

I have connected my CG Pro 9S12 to the laptop via the usb cable. But when I run the CG Pro software, I got the error message “Device is disconnected” and “Device is not connected”. Is this because I didn’t connect the device to my car? OBD2TOOL technician replied: CG Pro doesn’t

How to Update Xtool X100 Pro3

XTOOL X100 Pro3 Car Key Programmer is a professional key customization machine with 7 special functions OBD2/EOBD diagnostic function. It is an upgraded version of X100PRO2, which cancels the odometer change and adjustment function, but adds EPB, ABS and TPS reset functions, which can meet the needs of multiple car owners.


How to Autel IM608 to Program Porsche Cayenne 93C86 Key

How to program a new key for Porsche Cayenne Continental with Autel IM608? Year 2008 is 315MHz with panic button. Autel XP400 Pro says chip not connected. Solution: Obd or on the bench. 2 options here. Sometimes it’s easy via obd. If not, then in the bank. Gasoline is usually ok


Xhorse VVDI Prog and Tango Program Great Wall GWM H5 Immo Key

Original Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG Programmer TOP 6 reasons to get VVDI PROG Programmer 1. Built-in update software V5.0.4 Firmware (V2.0.0) update timely. 2. High-speed USB communication interface: Makes software automatically connect. 3. Smart operation mode: possible causes of error will be listed 4. Reserve ports: For future update. 5.


VXDIAG Benz Connect Error No Caesar File and Ping Failed Solution

Here comes the solution of the Vxdiag Benz C6 (as well as vcx se benz) connection errors. vx manager can see my device, but the device icon remains unconnected. Others can solve it by installing the 2021.03 driver.  but it still shows error ‘Connect error CAT cannot open caesar.cfg file when


Autel MaxiSys Ultra Great Upgrade

Autel Maxisys Ultra is the updated version of MK908P/MS908P/Elite/MS909/MS919. It’s an all-in-one comprehensive scanner with 5-in-1 VCMI, advanced programming and coding function and 36+ service functions for large repair workshops, and supports wider vehicle coverage for 99.99% makes in the market (No IP Limit). In particular, it supports some new 2021


Latest 2021B 2019C CAT Caterpillar ET 4 Diagnostic Communication Adapter IV CAT ET Truck Diagnostic Tool

Caterpillar ET 4 2021B is a good replacement for the CAT ET 2019C, 2021A Electronic Technician Diagnostic Software. 2021B Caterpillar Electronic Technician software With CAT ET 4 Cat caterpillar adapter 4 support caterpillar diagnostic till 2021. Top 5 Reasons To Get CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool Adapter 4 1. Latest