Month: January 2022


Benz 722.9 7G gearbox SCN coding SD connect C4 done

This is an instruction for educational purpose for those not acquainted with SCN coding a second hand virginized TCM. If you do not know the EHS number, it is impossible to make the correct software update and SCN coding. It’s your own risk. Here, it can be done with an


Benz W222 Seat Belt Warning Disabled by DTS Monaco

Sometimes,you only drive a short distance with low speed,then you don’t need to fasten your seat belt.So here is a guide on how to use DTS Monaco to disable seat belt warning for Mercedes Benz W213,W205,W222,W217,W253,W257 etc. Procedures: Run DTS Monaco software on your PC,then click “Temporary workspace” And select “IC213”


ECM Time on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines)

ECM Time on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines) ECM Time – Engine Hours During operation of the Engine, the ECM records and stores information related to a wide range of events, which includes time stamping. Two different measures of time are available: 1). ECM Time (Key On Time), which is the


VVDI Key Tool Plus IMMO Data in Chinese After the updates Solution

VVDI Key Tool Plus supports DOIP/CAN-FD/ CAN and K protocol switch pin/Chip pin detection/Toyota smart key programming without simulator/Long distance IMMO collection. We received feedback about key tool plus language. After the updates, everything is in Chinese in immo data tool! Solution: Setting access system setting access clear cache then re-download


How to reflash MB SD C4 Plus without battery

How to reflash MB SD C4 Plus without battery? You can edit Toolkit.ini to change the value of MinUpdateVoltageVbatt and MinUpdateVoltageVExt, and update the related files. Step 1: Change MinUpdateVoltageVbatt/VExt Value Right click the corresponding icon Select ‘Goto BIN directory’ Then right click ‘Toolkit.ini’ and select ‘Editwith Notepad++’ You can see


2021 Scania SDP3 V2.48.6 V2.40 Diagnostic Software Free Download

What is Scanica SDP3? Scania SDP3 is a PC-based diagnostics application software for Scania trucks, bus chassis and Scania engines. The Scania SDP3 application includes fault code reading, assisted trouble shooting, parameter settings and more. SDP3 shall be installed on a PC/Windows platform, and connect to the vehicle through a vehicle


Audi A6 ID8E Ignition Key Programming Done by Xtool X100 Pad2 Pro

Today will share a new test report on an Audi A6 ID8E key programming using XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro auto key programmer in 3 steps. Main steps: Step 1: Get PIN/CS Step 2: Make dealer key Step 3: Learn keys The operation procedure: Connect X100 PAD2 Pro key programmer to