Installing Computer Software

The MaxiSys/Autel Maxisys Pro Diagnostic Platform allows you to realize some of its functions on a computer to enhance capabilities and improve user experience. To realize these functions on a computer, you need to install certain software.

There are two Setup.exe program packages contained in the CD provided with the MaxiSys tool kit. The packages include the following applications:
1.  PC Link – launches a Printing Services program which receives and allows editing the files sent from the MaxiSys tablet for printing
2.  Driver Program – setup driver program for the VCI device
3.  Network Configuration Program and Update Agent – network configuration program and firmware update agent for the VCI device (for J2534 ECU programming device)
4.  Update Agent – firmware update agent for the VCI device (for Bluetooth communication interface)
To install the Setup.exe program
1.  Insert the CD into the CD-ROM of the computer. The driver installation wizard will load momentarily.
2.  Click on Next on the welcome page.
3.  Click the Change button, and select a destination folder to install the program, and click Next to continue. Or directly click Next to continue without changing the default installation folder.
4.  Click Install and the Setup.exe program will be installed onto the computer.

To perform printing through the computer
1.  Install the PC Link (Printing Services program) to the computer.
2.  Make sure the display tablet is connected to the computer network, either via Wi-Fi or LAN, before printing. See 7.1.3 Printing Setting on page 76 for more information.
3.  Run the Printing Services program on the computer.
4.  Tap the Print button on the toolbar displayed in various applications of the MaxiSys system. A temporary file will be created and sent to the computer for printing.
5.  Click the Printer Server tab on the top of the program interface on the computer, and wait for the printing file to load.
6.  Click the Print button to start printing.
NOTE: Make sure the computer installed with the Printing Services program is connected to a printer.

Refer to the accompanied user manual for the corresponding Autel OBD2 Scanner VCI device for detailed information about the operation of the network configuration program and/or the update agent.

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