How to Solve BMW Z4 E89 Headlights not Raising to Proper Height

Car model and year: 2011 BMW Z4 E89

Problem and BMW scanner to use:

the rear axis sensor is very near its low limit. Therefore my headlights are not raising to the proper operating height. When I start the car the lights dip and then return to the default low position. Checked it out with BMW INPA and apparently the rear sensor is reading very low. Jacked up the car and wiggled the rear sensor and confirmed the lights move, as they should.

I have working copies of both INPA and NCS Expert.



03-02-2020 update:
Ordered a new rear leveling sensor.
Installed new read level sensor and now I’m getting a reasonable reading of 2v. Automatic leveling is working correctly, but lights still too low. Before adjusting the mechanical height adjustments, I should mention the following. My headlamp housing was damaged and had to be replaced. The collision center, transferred all my internal components to the new housing and did a less then satisfactory job of aligning my headlamps. Actually, I didn’t think they did any adjustments. So, do I need to reinitialize the AHL via INPA by doing an “activate”? Or, since nothing was replaced except the housing, just proceed to mechanically align the lights?

03-10-2020 update:
Now that the sensor is replaced. I manually adjusted the lights to a 4″ drop over 35 feet and all is well.

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