Fiat Panda 2016 Key Programming using OBDSTAR X300DP Plus

New review is received from a Turkish customers who has programmed a new key to Fiat Panda 2016.
Look here:
Run Obdstar x300dp plus fiat v32.30 software

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-1 (2)

on kodlama

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-2 (2)

delphi c93c86 (id46)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-3 (2)
tip 1
(type 1)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-4 (2)

bu unite ile donatilmis araclar:
doblo, grande runto, 500, fiorino, qubo, panda
(Vehicles equipped with this unit:
doblo, grande runto, 500, fiorino, qubo, panda)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-5 (2)

the function is available by connecting the server; pls ensure the internet connection is normal

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-6 (2)

connecting the server

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-7 (2)

sifre oku
(read password)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-8 (2)

kontak anahtarini ac
(ignition switch ac)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-9 (2)

pin code: 66735

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-10 (2)

on kodlu anahtar uret
(2. ten coded key uret)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-11 (2)

kontak anahtarini ac
(ignition switch ac)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-12 (2)

p001 programplayicisini cihaza baglayin
(Connect the p001 programmer to the device)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-13 (2)

yeni anahtan yada cipi p001’e yerlestirin
(insert new key or jeep into p001)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-14 (2)

islem basarili
(operation successful

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-15 (2)

(Exiting …)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-16 (2)

abahtar programla
(with key program)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-17 (2)

if you have the original key, pls program the original key first; otherwise the original key (7936) will not be programmed

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-18 (2)

kontak anahtarini aciniz
(open the ignition key)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-19 (2)

lutfen 5 haneli guvenlik dodunu giriniz
(Please enter the 5-digit security code)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-20 (2)

girilen deger: 66735
(value entered: 66735)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-21 (2)

kontagi kapat
(close contact)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-22 (2)

kontak anahtarini aciniz
(open the ignition key)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-23 (2)

kontagi kapat
(close contact)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-24 (2)

yeni anahtari takin ve kontagi acin
(insert new key and switch on ignition)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-25 (2)

daha fazla anahatar programlamak istiyor musunuz?
(Do you want to program more outline?)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-26 (2)

yeni anahtari takin ve kontagi acin
(insert new key and switch on ignition)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-27 (2)

daha fazla anahatar programlamak istiyor musunuz?
(Do you want to program more outline?)
Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-28 (2)

anahtar numarasi: 2
(key number: 2)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-29 (2)

programlama tamamlandi
(programming completed)

Fiat-Panda-2016-Key-Programming-using-OBDSTAR-X300DP-Plus-30 (2)

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