Buy xtool x100 pad2 or obdstar tool

XTOOL X100 PAD2 or obdstar tool (X300 PRO3 and obdstar dp plus). Which one has better coverage and support?

How come obdstar products are more popular and has frequent updates but xtool products are slow in updates and least popular?

Buy xtool x100 pad2 or obdstar tool?


Here are the answers:

PS: Quoted from ray-ray.

ray-ray answers the 1st question: Story is obdstar and xtool was a joint company for many years. They play a game chicken or the egg who came first? Obdstar start the company in 2007 and xtool in 2010. Once again who came first chicken or the egg? I’ve been working for free for 6 month now for Xtooltech.

ray-ray answers the 2nd question: If you look at old post Xtooltech had no sale in china or on eBay. I ask member here on the forum if anyone used ps80 or PS90 PRO little to no feedback. I ask my Chinese broker to look and buy a unit for me to test. They refuse to sell to any Chinese broker. That was perfect solution I want to come out with something new with a company that was will to bring in engineers to the USA. The company was part of Obdstar that did most of their sales in commodities. After the break up they focus on heavy duty diagnostics. I went to sema last year in Las Vegas, next to sema there was diagnostics show call apex. There I meet the company and there engineers, I made a deal that day. Xtooltech learn that day that there was too much competition in diagnostics, and very little in immobilizer. I have work on making the tool better, I have not stop.

My goal is to keep developing and improving their tool (there is no money Xtooltech is paying me). Ken the owner has tried to pay me for my work and I have refuse. My mission is to make it a great tool.. what is my reward to be remember.

Xtool ps80 or ps90 or Pad2?
Xtool ps80: not sold in China.
Xtool PS90: recently starts to authorize the Chinese dealer to sell.
Xtool Pad2: The authorized Chinese dealer has stock, it is working and cheaper. The users from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina very use Xtool Pad2 and give good feedback (Read posts: Xtool Pad2 feedback and Xtool PS90 Vs PS80 Vs AutoProPad /Lite)

Xtool X100 Pad2 Program Dodge Dart 2013 Fobik Key

Success! Program fobik to Dodge Dart 2013 up using Xtool X100 Pad2 pro key programmer.

Connect X-100 PAD2 with vehicle

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Select Immobilizer function->Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge-> Proximity/Fobik (RFH) ->Dodge->Dart 2013- >Program keys



Turn on hazard light and turn ignition off

Select Fobik

Select Program Keys


Place a new Fobik into ignition. Ignition switch must be in the “LOCK” or “OFF” position


Xtool X100 pad2 requires to enter 4-digit pin code to access


Programming fobik in progress

Programming success


Test the new fobik




Xtool X-100 Pad License Exception Error Solution

Here is the proper solution to Xtool X100 Pad key programmer “License Exception” error when launch Xtool APP.

Error message:
License exception!”


Engineer solution:

Delete XTOOL file and run an upgrade. Do as following:

Step 1: Connect X-100 Pad to PC and power on X100 PAD

Step 2: Activate X-100 Pad

Press Login account and login with email address
Enter “Activation Code” which you can find on the user manual


Complete all information and click on the “ACTIVATE” button
Atcivation complete. Go to x100 pad main menu.
Then open resource Manager and delete the XTOOL file there.

Step 3: Run an upgrade

X100 Pad updated directly online using WiFi or USB connection.
To access the update application, open the Xtool X-100 pad application and click “UPDATE”


Note: If you cannot connect X100 Pad to Bluetooth after upgrade, it shows error message:
“Initializing Bluetooth connection failed!”



Connect Car Diagnostic Tool X100 PAD to vehicle via Bluetooth, search Bluetooth device in setting again.

Xtool X-100 PAD Main Unit


Avoid shaking or dismantling the unit as it may damage the internal components.

Do not use hard or sharp objects to touch the LCD screen; do not use excessive force; do not expose the screen to strong sunlight for a long period.

Caution: keep it away from water, moisture, high temperature or very low temperature.

If necessary, calibrate the screen before testing to ensure the accuracy of LCD performance.

Keep the X-100 PAD main unit away from strong magnetic fields.

Operation Instructions  

For safe operation please follow the instructions below:

Keep the XTOOL X100 PAD away from heat or fumes when using it.

If the vehicle battery contains acid, please keep your hands and skin or fire sources away from the battery during testing.

Exhaust gas of vehicle contains harmful chemicals, please ensure adequate ventilation.

Do not touch the cooling system components or exhaust manifolds when engine is running due to the high temperatures reached.

Make sure the car is securely parked, Neutral is selected or the selector is at P or N position to prevent the vehicle from moving when engine starts.

Make sure the (DLC) diagnostic link connector is functioning properly before starting the test to avoid damage to the Diagnostic Computer.

Do not switch off the power or unplug the connectors during testing, otherwise you may damage the ECU and/or the Diagnostic Computer.

Xtool X100 pad2 key programmer user manual

XTOOL PAD2 Key Programmer user manual for you all here!

Xtool x100 pad 2 details includes:
xtool x100 pad2?price:  $718
x100 pad2?key programmer specification
x100?pad 2 key programmer update
xtool x100 pad2 activation
xtool x100 pad2 special function
xtool x100 pad2?review
xtool x100 pad2?pdf
X100?Pad 2 key programmer manual

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