Digimaster feedback

FYI for persons that are thinking of buying. I brought my Digimaster 3 from Obd2tool.com and also the following is my expertise with it so far:

1.The shipping is extremely fast. I paid via Paypal, and received the unit inside four days. I live in US-CA
2. It arrived with adequate packaging.
3. Initially, the Digimaster 3 unit will boot up in locked state asking for registration. You have to make contact with seller (paypal address) to acquire an account and password ahead of you are able to use it.
4. Immediately after you’ve the account data, it requires about 3+ hours for the method to execute on the internet update, depending your online speed plus the Digimaster remote server situation. I had to monitor my unit and repeat the update couple of occasions to finish the process. I have a 12mbps Down/1.5mbps Up link net. During update download, system would cease at some measures and timeout. Once restart it’ll resume and continue download the remaining measures. If onscreen keyboard doesn’t show, there is a hardware button to bring it up.
5. As soon as update is completed, I checked my system’s value list choice to determine what possibilities are unlocked for me: all most all selections are UNLOCKED. My account starts with 200 tokens. Following speak to seller, he confirms that all possibilities will be unlocked as soon as they fully release it. The tokens are for testing and trail goal.
6. Right after I started to test it on cars, I’ve encountered problems. I am at the moment operating with seller to resolve them. Crossing my fingers that this technique will provide what it promised.

Upload images… changed km for an E60

Digimaster3-1 Digimaster3-2 Digimaster3-3 Digimaster3-4

Audi Mileage Correction A6A7 DSP3 Magic

2018 DSP III KM Tool DSP3 DSPIII Odometer Correction Device for 2010-2017 Years New Models By OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool.

DSP Ⅲ can program digital odometers, airbag modules, car radios, car immobilizers. It is a high-quality embedded system, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort

Mileage Correction on Audi A7 2011+ all OBD Even a £5k SMOK tool wants you to prepare dunp first This is one of the only tool that does Audis 11-17 all OBD, MAGIC


dsp-3-audi-3 dsp-3-audi-4 dsp-3-audi-5 dsp-3-audi-6 dsp-3-audi-7 dsp-3-audi-8 dsp-3-audi-9 dsp-3-audi-10 dsp-3-audi-11 dsp-3-audi-12 dsp-3-audi-13 dsp-3-audi-14 dsp-3-audi-15 dsp-3-audi-16 dsp-3-audi-17 dsp-3-audi-18 dsp-3-audi-19

Super Dprog5 VAG PROG2 IMMO Odometer Airbag 3 in 1 Reset Tool

Super Dprog 5 VAG PROG2 IMMO Odometer Airbag 3 in 1 Reset Tool Auto Key Programmer Mileage Correction Tool

To fully support the cars instrument calibration, security immo key match, airbag repair, and other functions. Support ISO9141, CANBUS, and J1850 protocols. Perfect self-diagnosis function, can automatically identify and diagnose system faults.

-Support all BMW CAS (including CAS3-9S12XDP512) programming.
-Support all M35080 instrument no dismantled adjustment (including M35080 V6 instrument);
-Support BMW transmission computer OBD setting; E38/ E39/ E46/ E53 instrument, EWS/ LCM and EWS4 adjustment.
-Support Mercedes-Benz ignition module adjustment (912/ 9S12 series ignition module doesn’t have to disassemble CPU), W211/ W203/ W164 and before year 2000 OBD adjustment. Support Mercedes-Benz Gateway (CGW) adjustment.
-Support Volkswagen / Audi / Chrysler / GM / Ford / Chevrolet / Jaguar / Lincoln / Opel / Skoda / Seat and Honda odometer changing. Such as: A4 OBD2 kilometers adjustment). And support kilometers adjustment for A6L / Q7 / A8L / R8 / S8 / TT and Volkswagen / Magotan / Phaeton / Sagitar / Golf 6 / Kaidi / Touran / Touareg / Passat / Bora / Polo / Jetta / Beatles from 2009.
-Support MCU calibration,
-support Audi / VW Gateway module calibration,
-support EDC15 / EDC16 engine calibration.
-Supports Volkswagen / Audi / Mercedes-Benz / BMW / Sail / Opel / Ford / General Airbag reset.
-Support EDC15 / EDC16 / MED9 series engine computer read and write (car modification).
-Supports Volkswagen / Audi / Mercedes-Benz / BMW / Sail / Opel / Ford / GM Airbag reset.
-Support EDC15 / EDC16 / MED9 series engine OBD2 read and write (car modification).

Device parameters:
This Odometer Correction Tool is based on the latest CORTEX technology handheld devices, internal embedded dual CORTEX ARM processor, clocked at up to 200 MHz; SD card for data storage or upload; USB2.0 for software and firmware upgrades; 320×240 TFT true color display and 256K color resolution to display help files and pictures; Support CAN-BUS, J1850, CCD-BUS, ISO9141, SPI, UDS and other protocols; just an OBD connector which can complete all the automatic switching of the protocols by multiple relay intelligent control.

The 5th VW Audi IMMO software:
1. New BCM2 adapter to pre-read and write chip data.
2. OBD2 key match (no password, no need online)
3. For the VW, Audi 5th security system models.

The 4th VW IMMO software:
1. Write the VW key with the new Megamos48 chip
2. OBD2 key match ((no password required), no need online)
3. For Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat 4th security system models (the instrument use NEC+24C64 or NEC+24C32 or Macrons (CDC) or 9s12xhz512 (1M80F) microcontroller)

The 4th VW IMMO software
NEC + 24C08 software
NEC + 24C64 software
NEC + 24C32 software
NEC + 95320 software
Micronas (CDC) software
9s12xhz512 (1M80F) software
PASSAT 2012 (NEC+24C64) software

The 4th Audi IMMO software:
A6L/ Q7 software
A3 / TT/ R8 software
A1 software

Ford / Mazda software:
OBD2 key match (no password required), for CAN models.
Roewe (550/350) Software: OBD2 key match (no password required).
Pentium (B50 / B70) Software: OBD2 key match (no password required).

Package list:
1x main unit
1x code box
1x OBD2 adapter
1x transponder adapter
1x 3in1 cable
1x plastic box

11-1 11-2 11-3 11-4 11-5 11-6 11-7 11-8 11-9 11-10


25-1 25-2

Connect the DSP3 Odometer Correction OBD Tool or other adapter with your host at first, then power on the system, software will be opened. Click the ‘ODOMETER’ button on the main window, you will see the make list window, select make such as ‘BMW’ and double click, model list window appears as Figure, double click on a model such as ‘3 SERIES 2001-2003’, you will see the help window as Figure, click‘ Picture’, you can see a color picture which show you how to connect a proper adapter to the target odometer pcb; after connecting the proper adapter with the target odometer pcb as picture, power off, then plug the proper adapter into the main hardware by the Adapter-Socket. At next click ‘OK’ button, the odometer adjustment window appears as Figure 5.6, click ‘SAVE’ button to read and save current data, see Figure5.7, then click ‘Read KM’ to read current km, then input new km at the window see Figure 5.8 and 5.9,click ‘Write KM’ to write new km to the target dashboard.


25-6 25-7 25-8 25-9 25-10

Notes: BSI correction. Before correction of some odometers, you have to reset BSI module first, such as ‘peugeot 307’,you should select ‘BSI’ and reset the km to zero, then adjust the km of odometer.


LCM/ EWS/ CAS unit correction. Before correction of some BMW odometers you have to reset the km in LCM/ EWS/ CAS module first, this operation is similar to Mileage Correction.


EZS correction. Before correction of some BENZ odometers you have to reset the km in EZS module first, this operation is similar to odometer adjustment.


2017 Original Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Review

Recently, I purchased a 2017 Original Yanhua Digimaster 3 odometer correction master, which gave me great help.

This is my story. In fact, several days ago, I have been in the trouble that I don’t know how to change the mileage for my lover,Fiat Punto 2003. What even worse is that I’m a quite lazy person and have little knowledge of programming. Therefore, I asked for help in the forum and hoped that someone can give me suggestions.

What a lucky man I was! A guy who was enthusiastic and patient recommended a odometer correction tool named Digimaster III. Followed his advice, I purchased the master on cardiagtool.co.uk with €1,200 and 4 days free delivery. It’s a package weighed 6.5kg including Digimaster 3 host, 12V switch power supply and varieties of adapters and cables,etc. You know what! This tool doesn’t need activate and the installation has been completed by the nice customer service.The after-sales service also provided all life long Free update every 2 month and solutions for any problem during the usage.


The using process is not going quite well.I entered with digiprog 189.000 as new mileage. but car shown only 18.900km.It was very strange. I opened my mileage calculator and I saw that there were 2 kinds of dashboards for this car. I tried both eeprom-codes to write manually. The first one calculated 189.000km, but still the car said 18.900 Then I tried the second one calculated 189.000km, and the car also said 189.000.

Luckily, all the problems are solved. My experience with Digimaster 3 on OBD2TOOL is totally satisfied. I become more confident with my learning ability. I was told that D3 also have the function of audio decoding, immo test, ECU program, etc. I think I will try in the future.

How to operate Digimaster 3

Digimaster III as the most Powerful Device for mileage correction, today we’d like to share with you how to operation with digimaster3


Step 1. digimaster 3 function menu


Step 2. digimaster 3 function

Step 3. digimaster 3 basic info

Step 4. digimaster 3 select car series


Step 5. digimaster 3 adjust odometer

Step 6. digimaster 3 adjust odometer

Step 7. digimaster 3 adjust gls

Step 8. digimaster 3 success adjust gls

Step 9.  digimaster 3 adjust mileage

That’s the example about how to operation, hope it would help you

If any questions, Just contact us at : sales@obd2tool.com

How to use Digimaster 3 correct mileage on BMW CAS 2000-2014


Have BMW CAS4 to correct mileage, which mileage correction tool to recommend? Of course it is Digimaster 3 Digimaster III. Here a table of 2000-2014 BMW CAS models list, please have a check.


CAS1 912DG128(3K91D)
CAS2 9S12DG256(2K79X)


CAS3 9S12DG256(0L01Y)

CAS3+ 9S12XDP512(0L15Y)

For a small part of CAS3+ after 2013, the CPU is OM23S


CAS4  9S12XDP512(1L15Y)
CAS4 9S12XEP100(5M48H)

FEM module

There are two versions of FEM module. X5 is the new version and the filter is connected to the back of dashboard, the manufacturer doesn’t have wiring diagram.

This article is published by OBD2TOOL

How to choose a best Yanhua BMW FEM BDC Key Programmer

New! Yanhua BMW FEM BDC Key Programmer is newly released at Obd2tool.com, it is able to program BMW FEM keys up to 2017 year. Below parts incl. its vehicle coverage, user tips, update and several YH BMW F Series CAS4+/FEM Blade Key 315MHZ / 433MHZ in different colors.

Yanhua BMW FEM Auto key programmer coverage (Up to 2017 year):

1 Series             F20/F21                    2011-2017

2 Series             F22/F23/F45/F46            2014-2017

3 Series/GT          F34/F35                    2012-2017

4 Series             F30/F31/F32/F33/F36        2014-2017

X5                   F15                        2014-2017

X6                   F16                        2015-2017

How to use Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer?

1.allows offline operate with easy and stable.
2.Need no tokens

so, don’t you think it is easy to operate.

Update: update on Yanhua official site http://www.autoemaster.com/

Where to get one Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer?

Not from Yanhua official site, but from the authorized dealer especially the one deal in Yanhua products for many years e.g. www.obd2tool.com. If you are preparing charging 500 tokens for Yanhua Digimaster 3, this adapter is free of charge.

YH BMW FEM Key Program Blade Key