How to install DTS Monaco on Windows 7 + how to program code


When installing DTS Monaco to communicates and works with SD connect c4 all user installed SDconnect Toolkit version 2.1.3. And no one tried to force the work SDconnect Toolkit version, which is installed together with the installation of Setup_Addon_DAG. And I did it.

Checked only on the system without DAS/Xentry.

DTS Monaco 8.03.12.

Windows 7 x64.

Follow the next steps:

Install Monaco
Install Setup_Addon_DAG
Go to С:\ProgramData\I+ME ACTIA\Toolkit\
Open and edit ini


Save file and reboot Windows
Connect SDconnect MUXvia cable
Start System Configurator
Go to Licensesand you will see your MUX as DCDIPartW with your serial number. After editing in Interfaces type of MUX will change to MVCI_IME_ACTIA_GmbH_SDconnect
Go toInterfaces

Interface name – > SDconnect_SMR
Bus system interface – > D-PDU API
D-PDU API version – > I+ME ACTIA GmbHXS_D_PDU_API_FOR_DTS_8_03_12
Module type – > MVCI_IME_ACTIA_GmbH_SDconnect
Physical links: CAN1, CAN4, CAN8

Click Saveand close System Configurator
Now you can connect to the car or single ECU

Question: when I come to DiagCon Setup, I get message “The directory C:/Program Files\DiagCon already exists – install anyway? This may overwrite existing files”, yes or no?


Answer: click on “Yes”.

Question: When I come to “Softing Diagnostic Tool Set8 + OTX Studio Setup”, should I tick on “Repair”?


Answer: During the procedure, you will have option “sdc4” and “ecom”, just select “ecom”, for the other options, click on “Next”.


Question: bought sdconnect c4 Dell 500G HDD, it contains only DTS Monaco 8.13 but I also want Monaco 8.03, how to own it?

Answer: actually, it contains both two, only because Monaco 8.03 does not display on the desktop. Please run DTS 8.13, when the Hardware ID pops up, copy it and paste it to our customer service, then wait for the activating file, after that please put it into the software category. Or the customer service will assist you by using the Teamviewer.

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