How to Register New Keys on Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 with Mitsubishi MUT-3 diagnostic tool?

Tool:MUT-3 diagnostic tool

Car model:Mitsubishi Lancer 2008


Connect MUT-3 interface between Mitsubishi Lancer OBD port and PC,then run MUT-III SE software.

Select “STV”

After vehicle communication build,it will show you with the vehicle information as below

Now you need select “KOS/IMMO/Keyless/TPMS” from System list,then click “OK” button

Then click “Special Function”–>”Key Registration”

Execute the key Registration

Input the password,and press “OK” button

Mitsubishi Key programming/registration completed.

If you need to register additional keys,insert additional key,turn IG on and press OK button within 30 seconds.

If you only want to register only one key,click “No” button and test you need key.


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