Hint when using icarscan


I just got my ICarScan VCI and got icarscan going on iOS, almost. It requires an explicit trust of an enterprise app it downloads but it starts after that, finds the dongle and when I try to scan, I get this:


Anyone else see this? Their web site is conveniently down right now.


Checking What is the IOS software you are using?
Mine seems to work fine without forcing me to select all cars.

But the Porsche version on my second app is v21.70 and it is working just fine. Not sure what is the difference between v21.70 and v22.20

I’m running iOS 11.3.1. It’s a private phone, no enterprise software installed, not rooted or anything. It’s possible they broke something with 22.20. I’ll get in touch with them, just as soon as their web site comes back up. Unbelievably, it’s still down.

I had to select all 10 (it’s 10 now) features right away BTW, wouldn’t let me proceed with just Porsche.


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