Ford VCM 2 VCM II IDS Guide How to Install DFStd Freeze Software

VCM 2 VCM II is the new Ford OEM diagnostic tool. It provides dealer-level diagnostics using the IDS software and big welcomed by FORD MAZDA car owners. And today,this article will share a Ford VCM 2 VCM 2 IDS User Guide on how to Install VCM II Freeze Software ,hope it will be useful

1.Insert V101 Ford VCM II CD into your computer,open the files

5-1 “DFStd” and copy and paste ” DFSTD” and “DFSTD KEY” to the desktop.


3.Click “Next”,Accept license agreement,open DFSTd-key Notepad and paste the license key like below


4.Click “Next”,Tick Disk C : ,click “Next”–Install,then restart computer


5.Then installation is finished. Pls note : the Freeze software should be installed within 3 days after the V101 IDS VCM FORD is installed, othereise,the Freeze software will not be installed anymore.

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