GM Tech 2 Error: GM TECH 2 CANdi module interface not detected(solved)


GM Tech2 scanner error: Tech 2 Scan Tool CANdi module interface not detected.


1.Together with the car ignition off, connect the gm tech two and gm tech 2 CANdi module(which now is a single extended cable).

2.Power up the Tech2 You may get 12V in the DLC (now it took me a half hour to find out the “DLC signifies “Data Hyperlink Connector” and is what we also call the Obd2 scan tool, so be ready to be stumped by TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms).

3.At the principal menu press F3-tool solutions.

4.In the tool alternatives screen pick F9, CANdi Diagnostics.

5.You will find two tests on the subsequent screen, run them each. When you get pass on each, that you are excellent to go. The CANdi should really talk to your 2004 vehicle.
6.Either turn the ignition key of your car to on, or start out it (for a C6 there is not an “on”).

7.Press the EXIT button till the Tech2 Scanner goes back to the primary menu.

8.Choose F0, Diagnostics.

9.Make all of the requested selections to get you for the module inside the automobile you would like to appear at. You could be choosing physique style; you might want the body code (from time to time the third character in the VIN) the engine size, manual or auto and from time to time radio variety. You might also be asked about particular choices, like ZL6. They’re on a tag in the glovebox.

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