SKP900 V5.0 add new Toyota Corolla H chip key OK

Is it possible SuperOBD SKP-900 V5.0 to make a new Toyota H chip key? How?
Yes, it’s newly tested SuperOBD SKP900 V5.0 program Toyota H chip for Toyota Corolla 2015 OK! (With a working key) Check below step by step!

How to make a new Toyota Corolla H chip remote key by SKP900 key programmer?

Part 1: SKP-900 Toyota H chip Key Programming
Use the original working key to turn on car ignition.
Power on Automotive Key Programmer SKP900 key programmer.
Go to “IMMOBILIZER” then select “TOYOTA”.


Tips show:
Turn ignition on?–Press “YES” button.
Insert the registered main key?– Press “YES” button.
Then use the new key you want to add to turn on car ignition. (The car immobilizer light will keep flashing)

When the immobilizer light stop flashing and turn off, key programming is successful!

Part 2: SKP-900 from OBD2TOOL Toyota H chip Key Match to complete key programming
Same procedure to the “SYSTEM TYPE” menu, choose “REMOTE”.

Go to “REMOTE SYSTEM 2″ then use the original working key to turn ignition on.
Now follow the instruction: open the driver’ side door, press the door unlock button and keep all other doors close.

In 30 seconds you should press the new key both LOCK& UNLOCK buttons, then press the UNLOCK button once again.

Now you successfully add a new Toyota H chip key for Corolla 2015!
Note: SKP900 now is in LOWEST price $378 free shipping!

New H chip remote key is working as the original!

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