2021 Scania SDP3 V2.48.6 V2.40 Diagnostic Software Free Download

What is Scanica SDP3? Scania SDP3 is a PC-based diagnostics application software for Scania trucks, bus chassis and Scania engines. The Scania SDP3 application includes fault code reading, assisted trouble shooting, parameter settings and more. SDP3 shall be installed on a PC/Windows platform, and connect to the vehicle through a vehicle


Audi A6 ID8E Ignition Key Programming Done by Xtool X100 Pad2 Pro

Today Obd2tool.com will share a new test report on an Audi A6 ID8E key programming using XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro auto key programmer in 3 steps. Main steps: Step 1: Get PIN/CS Step 2: Make dealer key Step 3: Learn keys The operation procedure: Connect X100 PAD2 Pro key programmer to


Auto StartStop Coding for BMW F Chasis By Launch X-431 Pad VII

How can I automatically start / stop the coding for BMW F Chassis via Launch X-431 PAD VII? This is a demonstration using the example of a 2016 BMW F30 318i. Note: Before doing this, make sure there are no DTCs. Having been cleared codes on X-431 Pad 7, go


How to Solve Nissan Altima 2012 DTC P0101

Here we have a 2012 Nissan Altima, and it has a well-known DTC P0101 which means we have to reprogram the engine computer and update the software to the latest calibration. We have 2 programming ways: 1)Consult-III Plus 2)NERS Here we use NERS for programming. Part 1. Download NERS Search


Toyota Crown 2013 All Keys Lost & Remote Programming by Launch X431

This article show a guide on how to use Launch X431 to program keys and remote for Toyota Crown 2013. Procedures: Connect Launch X431 to Toyota Crown,and enter the menu to select “Toyota v48.81” This software can diagnose Powertrain,Chassis and Body system on Toyota vehicles. Select “16 PIN DLC (Europe and


Xtool X100 Pad2 Program Nissan Qashqai 2019 Key successfully

Nissan Qashqai 2019 was programmed successfully without reading the PIN code or unlocking the steering wheel lock with XTOOL X100 Pad2. It’s my first time programming Qashqai 2019 so I want to share the tip start button, wait 5 seconds and that’s it. The key is not originally generated. The


PIWIS Solved 958 Cayenne Exterior Lighting Issue

When the lights of the Porsche 958 Cayenne malfunctioned, How to use the piwis tool thorough visual inspection. Let’s hone in on what stood out most from PIWIS diagnostics: 1. The overhead console is a subsection of the rear electronics module, but the overhead console part number could not be

How to upgrade BMW ICOM Next A firmware step by step

How to upgrade BMW ICOM Next A firmware step by step 1. When you update the BMW ISTA diagnostic software and connect to a BMW car, the connection manager displays the firmware, indicating that your ICOM needs to be upgraded. I will show you how to upgrade the ICOM firmware through