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Autel Tablets Coding, Programming, Hidden and Extended Function Comparison

Here are the coding, programming, hidden function, and more extended function comparisons among Autel 808, 906, 908, 909 and Ultra series. We don’t make a comparison between hardware configuration or diagnosis function but focus on programming functions. 808 Series Item MX808 MK808/MK808BT MK808TS MX808TS DS808 (K)DS808TS MP808MP808TS MP808BT Main Functions Read/Clear

Witech Possible to Write VIN into 2015+ Dodge PCM?

Purpose: to perform a PCM replaced procedure to learn/synch the skim / write vins on a 2015+ Dodge. Question: I have a good quality Micropod II clone registered for online use with Witech 17. Is this possible? If yes, how? My micropod clone has firmware version 2.4 and is registered so

Autel MX808 Immo Function Confirmed! Add New Keys to Honda

Tested successfully! Today, we Obd2tool.com engineers has confirmed the immobilizer function of Autel MaxiCheck MX808 ! 100% tested on a Honda Acura and it’s working. 3 steps made it. Step 1: Add a new key Step 2: Check the key registered Step 3: Test the new key In detail… The new