How to remove and install heated oxygen sensor 1 for ISUZU RJ05 4JJ3 AWR6B45 truck

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install heated oxygen sensor 1 for ISUZU RJ05 4JJ3 AWR6B45 truck. More ISUZU repair,please refer to:ISUZU Truck Repair.


After turning OFF the ignition switch (power mode for models with passive entry and start system), do not disconnect the battery cable within 3 minutes.

If the battery cable is disconnected within 3 minutes, the vehicle electronic control system may malfunction.

If the battery cable is disconnected, perform the setting of the front door power window switch with AUTO UP/AUTO DOWN function after connecting the battery negative terminal.

Heated Oxygen Sensor 1 Removal

1)Disconnect the connector from heated oxygen sensor 1.

2)Remove heated oxygen sensor 1 from the DPD.



Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2 (Front of LNT catalyst)

Heated Oxygen Sensor 1 Installation

1) Clean the old anti-seize lubricant on the sleeve nut, and apply new anti-seize lubricant to the threaded portion of the heated oxygen sensor 1 sleeve nut.

*   If the heated oxygen sensor is replaced with a new one, it is not necessary to apply new anti-seize lubricant.

*   Apply Never-Seez High Temperature Stainless Grade 5-87411-039-0 by Bostik of USA as the anti-seize lubricant.
*   Do not allow paint, lubricant, dust, etc., to adhere to the sensor.
*   When replacing the heated oxygen sensor with a new one, immediately install it to the exhaust pipe after removing the sensor protection cap.

2) Install heated oxygen sensor 1 to the DPD.

Tightening torque: 50 N・m { 5.1 kgf・m / 37 lb・ft }



Heated oxygen sensor 1

Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2 (Front of LNT catalyst)

3) Connect the connector to heated oxygen sensor 1

Notice:You need perform ECM learned value clear and relearning after replacing the heated of oxygen sensor.


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