How to Use SKP900 to Program ID46 Nissan Key

It is very easy to program id46 Nissan key with SuperOBD SKP-900 V5.0, it will tips you step by step.

Step 1: Use Main Cable to connect SKP900 Key Programmer and a Nissan OBD connector, start the car with a remote and wait a few seconds for SKP900 to start.

Step 2: Choose Nissan>>>New Structure>>>Yes to continue.


Step 3: Select Key 1 and choose Yes

Step 4: Select Immobilizer System according to the cars Immo and choose Yes.

Step 5: Wait for a few minutes until OBD2 key programmer SKP900 communicates with the car.


Step 6: Select Function then Key Adapt and choose Yes.


Step 7: The SKP-900 will tell you how to do, you should insert a new key and turn ignition on. You may see the IMMO indicator light will flash when inserting a key which cannot start engine. Select Yes.

Step 8: Close ignition switch and select Yes.

Step 9: Wait for system adapting and then open ignition switch and select Yes.

Step 10: Wait for a few minutes and the key is programmed successfully.

This is from Best car key tools for sale website  Auto Key Programmer technical support: How to Use SKP900 to Program ID46 Nissan Key

How to add Jeep Wrangler 2013 Remote Key by OBD

Here is the easy guide on programming Jeep Wrangler 2013 2-button straight remote key with ID46 chip by using SKP1000 key programmer via OBD from .



Connect SKP1000 Key Programmer with vehicle via OBD diagnosis socket under the dashboard through the main cable

(The menu here is in Chinese, English language is available as well)

Select Immobilizer system (Straight remote), you have 3 three function options under the menu, Add key, Delete key and read pin code. Add a key requires pin code, delete key does not need.

Here select Add a key

SKP-1000 key programmer at will read pin code via OBD automatically


Insert the key to be programmed

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Manually enter security code read previously

Follow skp 1000 prompt

Program success.

If need to program second key, select Add a key and repeat above procedure.

OBD2 key programmer SKP1000 will generate remote control automatically after program completed.

Note: You can also use 3 buttons straight remote key to add a key on this model. But need delete lost key data fist

(Guide) SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 program Honda Accord 2015 new key

This is an operation guide to program Honda Accord 2015 new key by using SKP900 Auto Key Programmer. Hope it helps!


First choose “Immobilizer” on main menu, select “Honda” then “System Type” then “Immobilizer 3”.


Next you will see Vehicle Selection, press Enter button to go on. It will remind you to turn ignition on. Turn on ignition and wait about 1 minute for system adapting.


After that choose “Add 1 pc key”


Turn on ignition Auto Key Programmer SKP900 show “Programming” then turn off ignition. Unplug the original key and insert the new key in 15 seconds.


Then use the new key to turn ignition on then off. Turn ignition on then off again. Now turn ignition on and wait. The immobilizer indicator will be off, press the Enter button to confirm.


Turn off the key and turn it on back. It will show “Adapt Key Success”.

Now car start OK and remote work with this new key programmed by SKP-900 key programmer from!

SKP900 V5.0 add new Toyota Corolla H chip key OK

Is it possible SuperOBD SKP-900 V5.0 to make a new Toyota H chip key? How?
Yes, it’s newly tested SuperOBD SKP900 V5.0 program Toyota H chip for Toyota Corolla 2015 OK! (With a working key) Check below step by step!

How to make a new Toyota Corolla H chip remote key by SKP900 key programmer?

Part 1: SKP-900 Toyota H chip Key Programming
Use the original working key to turn on car ignition.
Power on Automotive Key Programmer SKP900 key programmer.
Go to “IMMOBILIZER” then select “TOYOTA”.


Tips show:
Turn ignition on?–Press “YES” button.
Insert the registered main key?– Press “YES” button.
Then use the new key you want to add to turn on car ignition. (The car immobilizer light will keep flashing)

When the immobilizer light stop flashing and turn off, key programming is successful!

Part 2: SKP-900 from OBD2TOOL Toyota H chip Key Match to complete key programming
Same procedure to the “SYSTEM TYPE” menu, choose “REMOTE”.

Go to “REMOTE SYSTEM 2″ then use the original working key to turn ignition on.
Now follow the instruction: open the driver’ side door, press the door unlock button and keep all other doors close.

In 30 seconds you should press the new key both LOCK& UNLOCK buttons, then press the UNLOCK button once again.

Now you successfully add a new Toyota H chip key for Corolla 2015!
Note: SKP900 now is in LOWEST price $378 free shipping!

New H chip remote key is working as the original!