What’s the Difference Between VXDIAG Subaru Red Case and Blue Case


Hi, I’m interested in the VXDiag Subaru SSM-III software. What isn’t clear to me, is the difference between the blue and the red tool. There is a clear difference between say the yellow and black tools, so there must be a difference between the red and blue. The question would be what vehicle makes can the red vs blue do, which one is better?


VXDIAG Subaru red case


VXDIAG Subaru Blue case

Obd2tool.com Solution:

VXDIAG red hardware comes with older serial number.

VXDIAG Blue tools comes with newer serial number starts with V71 V83.

Red tool is called vxdiag vcx plus. Not possible to add DoIP license to the red unit.

Blue tool has been updated to vcx doip hardware. You are allowed to add DoIP car software license to the unit.

Both hardwares are compatible with other none-doip car software.

As for Subaru SSM3 functions, there is no difference between the red and blue case.

Note: VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 v2018 all comes with blue case now.

The black tool can be vxdiag bmw or Mercedes.

The yellow tool can be DoIP JLR or VCX HD.

So color usually sent randomly.

VXDIAG Subaru Cannot be started, activate SSM4 Error Solution


Hi, thank you so much for setup the VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 software for me. But it gave me an error when i tried to run SSM III.

Error: “The SSMIII cannot be started because the SSM4 is not activated. Activate the SSM4 to start the SSM-III”

It also asks an activation code to activate ssm4.

subaru-ssm3-cannot-be-started-1 subaru-ssm3-cannot-be-started-2


If failed to run software, pay attention to these steps when installing SSM3 software for vxdiag vcx plus

1.Click Launcher.exe, first to install SSM3, then  install SSM4
2.Save Subaru.exe patch to folder C:// or D://, install it on Windows 7 or up operating system. Run Subaru.exe as Administrator
2. Restart computer, click SSM3 to test car after connection device to laptop and car.

Free download Subaru.exe patch


Disable anti-virus program before running the patch.

Check vxdiag subaru ssm3 installation video guide step by step