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How to disable and activate the telescopic mirror of Nissan Maxima X431

In this instruction, obd2tool.com shows how to use the Launch X431 Scan Tool throttle to disable or activate the retractable mirror. Nissan Maxima 2017. For more repairs of Nissan, please check: Nissan Trouble Repair. Disable / activate the retractable mirror of Nissan Maxima program: Connect Launch X431 to the Nissan Maxima


BMW X3 E83 Steering Angle Calibration by Launch X431

For BMW X-series X3_E83, when replacing steering angle sensor, fault code of 5EBE steering angle sensor implausible occurs. After checking or replacing the steering angle sensor, first set code for steering angle sensor, then enter ABS/DSC system to calibrate. Save current steering angle value as ZERO. Another article:BMW X3 E83

CRP 12X Premium Help

This menu enables you to view Launch CRP129 Premium information and OBD introduction. In main menu, select [Help] and press [OK] to enter Figure. 1 DLC Location Information This option helps you to find the location of the vehicle’s DLC. 2 DTC Library In Figure 6-1, select [DTC Library] and

Launch Creader Professional CRP229, CRP129 123 Premium

The LAUNCH CRP 229 , Launch CRP123 Premium and Launch CRP129 Premium are the new solution for car owners and services for express-diagnostics, with the maximum possibilities at relatively low cost. For models LAUNCH CRP 123 / 129 Premium device capabilities allows read and erase error codes with explanations, read the current