How to Read and Write DQ250 MQB with Kess V2

Confirmed! Genuine KESS V2 is able to read and write the Control Unit of VAG DSG DQ250 and DSG DQ250 MQB transmissions. but a new 144300K267 dsg cable and the genuine programmer are required!


new 144300K267 dsg cable to flash mqb dsg:


uses the same cable as the old DSG DQ250


Difference between old and new dq250 is that you add a 12v 5 amp switch to the positive main power cable, when it prompts you to cycle ignition, leave the main DSG switch on, and cycle the switch that you just installed when prompted.

Schematic of the cable I have used for DQ250.


Also a photo of the cable set I have made with changeable adapters for DQ200, 250 and 500. The clips for battery connection, box with  ignition switch and the connector to KESS box is re used for all adapters.


With the drivers included in ECM Titanium, you’ll be able to modify the operating parameters of the gearbox Temic DSG MQB in order to increase performances.


*   Upshifting maps: they manage the shift to the upper gear in all the driving modes available on the vehicle (ECO, Normal, Sport, Winter). They indicate in RPM when the gear shift occurs.
*   Downshifting maps: they manage the shift to the lower gear in all the driving modes available on the vehicle (ECO, Normal, Sport, Winter). They indicate in RPM when the gear shift occurs.
*   Launch control:the launch control is an electronical system to avoid the slipping of the drive wheels when accelerating rapidly from a standing start. Thanks to the maps of launch control it’s possible to increase the RPM maximum limiter.
*   Maximum torque limiters:in addition to the limiters of the ECU, it’s possible to modify the transmission torque limiters to increase the performance of the vehicle.
*   RPM limiters:you’ll be able to modify the RPM limiters of the transmission too, to achieve better performance.
*   Timing maps:they’re expressed in ms (milliseconds) and enable the shifting timing modification.
*   Maximum oil pressure:it’s possible to increase the shifting speed, by increasing the oil pressure of the transmission.

——————————————–YOU HAVE TO KNOW ——————————————

It’s VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT: you should have the Auto ECU Programmer Kess V2, not china or eu clone. with the clone you have no luck with VAG DSG DQ250 and DSG DQ250 MQB.

Also, KTMflash is a good investment for DQ250 MQB

Cheap China clone KTMfash also works good for DQ250 MQB!

DQ250 is listed in the KTMflash vag car/ecu list. look here:

V-A-G: DQ200 (0AM)
V-A-G: DQ200MQB/G2 (0CW)
V-A-G: DQ250C (02E) K-Line
V-A-G: DQ250E/F (02E)
V-A-G: DQ250MQB (0D9)
V-A-G: VL300/V30 (01J/0AN) K-Line
V-A-G: VL300/V30 (01J/0AN)
V-A-G: VL381 (0AW)
V-A-G: DQ500 (0BH/0BT)
V-A-G: DL501/G2 (0B5)
V-A-G: DQ200/MQB Boot (MICRO)
V-A-G: DQ200/MQB Boot (EEPROM)
V-A-G: DQ200G2 Boot (MICRO)
V-A-G: DQ200G2 Boot (EEPROM)
V-A-G: DQ250E/F/MQB Boot (MICRO)
V-A-G: VL300/V30 BSL (FLASH)
V-A-G: VL381 Boot (MICRO)
V-A-G: VL381 Boot (EEPROM)
V-A-G: DL501 Boot (MICRO)
VAG: DL501 Boot (EEPROM)
V-A-G: DL501G2 Boot (MICRO)
V-A-G: DL501G2 Boot (EEPROM)

Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-6 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-8 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-9 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-10 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-11

Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-12 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-13 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-14 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-15 Read-and-Write-DQ250-MQB-with-Kess-V2-16

DQ250E/F/MQB Boot (MICRO): success!
DQ250E/F/MQB Boot (EEPROM): success!

Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)

Hi all and thanks all for your responses. Here, i collect working solutions of Ktag or KESS V2 NO 12V. Hope it helps someone out.

Part 1: Cannot get 12v of output from Kess V2
I use a AC power to connect to my kess V2 adapter. The seller gave it. it it 12v and 1A.

When I use my kess I’m following the next steps.

1 ) Connect the adapter to kess unit
2 ) Connect the ac power adapter to the adapter
3 ) Connect the usb cable to kess unit and the computer and tun the software

My kess read ecus by OBD port. I read a seat leon 1.9 BXE perfectly. It is other edc16 ecu.

The Ksuite shows it has 12,16V-12,30V all time while it is trying to read.

I tested my power supply and it give 12 volts



Part 2: Ktag NO 12V

Got a K TAG Clone since a few months. did about 10 ecus with it, no problem! Since today i’ve got no 12 volt on red wires. Normally when i click read 12v appears on red and orange wires. Now only on orange. When i connect red and orange together everything works like normal.

Here is the board with faulty component(s)


Changed this component and it worked.

25-3 25-4

Part 3: Ktag Kess V2 working good with 12V

Ktag Kess V2 with best components works good

Note that Red PCB version works better than Blue & Green versions

Ktag 7.020 maximum quality:

Kess v2 5.017 of maximum quality:

Newest ktag kess v2 red pcb:

Kess V2 DPF Off Mercedes Sprinter 315 Biturbo

Topic: Dpf off mercedes sprinter 315 biturbo with Kess v2 master ecu programmer

What is DPF?

A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

What is a DPF in a car?

A diesel particulate filter captures small soot particles, preventing them from being expelled into the atmosphere Photo: ALAMY. … The DPF is designed to catch the diesel exhaust fumes that would usually be emitted in a cloud of black smoke.

What is DPF removal?

From February 2014 the inspection of the exhaust system carried out during the MoT test will include a visual check for the presence of a DPF. A missing DPF, where one was fitted when the vehicle was built, will result in an MoT failure.

What tool for mercedes sprinter 315 DPF Off?

Kess v2 master, clone or original

DPF off Mercedes with Kess v2 v5.017, any success?

Yes, look here:

DPF off Mercedes Sprinter 315 biturbo with ECU Programming Tool Kess v2 master


20-2 20-3 20-4 20-5 20-6 20-7 20-8 20-9

Any other solutions of Mercedes DPF off?

Yes, download Professional DPF+EGR Remover 3.0:

(also done with Ktag or Kess)!zV1USZZL!X2mHnpX3Xc09sqYXlOAVgw

Mercedes ECU listed: EDC16C31, Delphi DCM3.4, EDC16C31 Vito and Type2, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3, EDC16C31(2011+)EDC17CP10,M55 Error fixer

Professional DPF Remover 3.0 Car List:

Alfa   : EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2

Audi  : EDC16UX,EDC16CP3 / 34, EDC16U31, EDC17CP14, Siemens PPD v1.1, V1.2, V1.3,    EDC17CP44,EDC17C46,EDC17CP04, EDC16C34-4

BMW  : EDC16C31 – 35, EDC16C31 (1MB), EDC17CP02,EDC16CP35, EDC16C31New, EDC16C35,EDC17CP45    EDC17C41

Chrysler : EDC16CP31

Chevrolet : EDC16C39Citroen  : EDC15C2, EDC16C34, EDC17C10, SID807

Fiat  : EDC16C39(Ducato), EDC16C39 JTD, MJD 6F3, 6F3 Doblo, EDC16C39 Generic, SID803A,    Marelli 8F2, Marelli 8F3,

Ford  : EDC16C34,EDC16C34-2, EDC16C34-2.29, EDC16C34-5, SID 206, SID807, SID803MPC,    SID803A, SID206(SMAX type), SID206 Kuga, EDC16C34 Picasso Type, EDC16C3-9.18

Lancia  : EDC16C39Honda  : EDC16C31, EDC17CP06, EDC16C31(Advanced)

Hyundai / KIA : EDC16C39-D373, KIA EDC16C39 Type2,

Hyundai EDC16C39 Caren, EDC16C39 SantaFE, EDC17C08

Iveco  : EDC16C39

Isuzu  : Denso, Transtron DMax

Jaguar  : SID204, EDC17CP11

Jeep  : EDC16U1, EDC16CP31, EDC17C49

LandRover : EDC16C39-

Ford, SID208

Mazda   : Denso 3-8 all series, EDC16C3,Denso CX7 Type with Adblue, EDC16C34

Mercedes : EDC16C31, Delphi DCM3.4, EDC16C31 Vito and Type2, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3, EDC16C31(2011+)    EDC17CP10,M55 Error fixer

Mini Cooper : EDC16C35

Mitsubishi : Denso (Full 2 types supported), EDC16CP39

Nissan  : Denso,EDC16C36, EDC16CP33 Type1 and Type2, SID305

Opel-Vauxhall : Denso,Denso Signum,EDC16C39, EDC16C9, EDC17C18 – C19, Marelli MJET 75-90cv, Z16DT Marelli,     Denso Signum, Z16DTC, Z19DT

Peugeout : EDC16C34, EDC15C2, SID803 MPC,Delphi DCM3.5, SID803A, Delphi DCM3.4

Porsche  : EDC17CP44

Range Rover  : EDC17CP11

Renault  : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2,EDC16C32, SID305,EDC16C11

Saab  : EDC16C39,EDC16C9

Skoda  : EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, Octavia19 Bosch,EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44,EDC17U01

Seat  : Siemens PPD V1.2, PCR 2.1,, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44

Subaru  : Denso

Suzuki  : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C39

Toyota  : EDC17CP07

Volvo  : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2,SID803MPC,EDC16C34, SID803A Type1 and Type2, EDC17CP22

VW  : EDC16CP34, EDC16U31,,EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, EDC16CP34-4, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44    EDC17CP46,EDC17CP52,EDC17P24, EDC17CP44, EDC17CP54

All   : EDC16 – EDC17 ECU’s automatic DPF switch finder item  *  : Some EDC16 and all EDC17 ECU’s solutions are using internal switches.

New Genius K-Touch Clone Review Tested Many

New Genius china clone, what ECU Scanners can work and what cannot work? K-Touch OBD ecu programmer real reviews from users…. Here you go.

Today i got New Genius K-Touch from china. I tested on Med 9.1.1 Audi q7 4.2 FSI.
Id and read ok.

Today i read edc17c19 Opel insignia. work very fast

K-Touch is a crap tool made from KESS V2 v4.036 tech with a screen on it.
I would never use it on any kind of car, even not EDC15.

Works ok, tested on Nissan navara read and write Obd2 codes, edc 15 Fiat read write obd, pcr 2.1 read. But doesn’t calculate checksum and don’t read full size file like kess and ktag. Is not kess with lcd is another interface but from same company.

Mine still working well. After 7x resetting the token counter.

Audi Q7. File read with New genius is 100% correct (size 0x27C000).

I have done BMW E46 318i ecu without issues.

Tested today PSA edc17c10 read on boot and test write by obd ok

MED17. 5.2 – Jetta tsi 2.0 tp8/10
Fail to Write, fail recover many times with fans on
Recover with original file worked

It is possible to clone CiD,but need SD Card from China that has an EEPROM instead of PROM.

I successfully remapped a Range Rover sport 2.7Tdi today with this Ktouch from china.
First attempt I just assumed software did checksum. Started car and cut out within 5seconds. Second attempt I did checksums in winols and wrote back to car and everything was fine. My kess v2 read a 2mb file and the dimsport read a 256kb file but all the maps were in the read!

Genius has a perfect feature. It can bypass TPROT security and allow to to flash TPROT ecus without having to open the ecu to unlock it at the first place. You just flash your mod by OBD like you would on any other non TPROT ecu. (Although on TPROT ecus reading function is not available)
But the problem is, that you need to checksum the file with Race Evo on these ecus. Anything else will not work.

Installed on XP in vm for now all ok.

I run it on Windows 10 x64 with SSD hard drive.

Focus MK2 2.0 Petrol
-> Read OK 2MB File, full read (no partial reading)
-> Write – Ori file OK
– Modded File with CKS -> NOT OK, Engine start with DTC Throttle Fail
– Modded File with CKS write with KESS V2 OK
– Conclusion => Read Only, write ECU Error or worst BRICKED

Tested on :
2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sport/L200 with 4N15 engine 2.4 DOHC MIVEC Turbo Diesel 181hp. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2014 Chevrolet Spin 1.5 ECOTEC Petrol. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2016 Chevrolet Trax 1.4 Turbo Petrol. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2014 Chevrolet Spin 1.3 TDCi. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 4B11 CVT. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK

Tested on golf 7 gti 220HP simos18 NOT WORK !

Since the protocol enabled is an old version, it doesn’t cover all file sizes.

You will get “incorrect file size” error when you try to upload the file to the ecu.