KESS V2 V2.08 FW4.036 read VAG Passat EDC17 IN Tricore

I just read the VAG EDC17 ecu with KESS V2 V5.017 Master ECU tuning kit, here is a little walk-through test.

ECU: Passat 2.0TDI 2000 with BOSCH EDC17C46

Programming way: in Tricore Boot Mode

Operating system: I loaded OK on Win 7 laptop


Though ECU Scanner KESS V2 (FW 4.036) K-suite software has released to the newer V2.12/V2.13, I prefer using Ksuite V2.08 (cause I’ve seen several KESS V2 owners worked perfect on fw 4.036 and 2.08).

I have already loaded V2.08 on the laptop and directly open the Ksuite on desktop.

Press on car icon button

Pull down the vehicle list and select my car model and ECU type

Then referred to the EDC17 ECU tricore boot mode instruction

Select the plug-in needed: BOSCH EDC17 C46 VAG (P269)

Select TOOL-> ECU DATA, wait the KESS V2 ECU programmer to process until it reached 100%

Task successfully completed. This time, select “READING” ECU, starting communication, identifying ECU…


Successfully read vehicle information. Proceed to read ECU

Reading ECU is in progress. Name the ECU data and save the ECU data to a certain folder.

Job’s done.

Install ECM Titanium 1.61 with 26000 Drivers for KTAG Kess V2

Here are the tips for ECM Titanium 1.61 with 26000 drivers. The newest Car ECU Programmer allows you to interpret and edit the files stored inside the memory of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) accurately without any difficulty; and through the use of Driver which true “contents” pose for reading the files contained in the control units, you can easily find the data stored in the file maps and the main rev limiter to increase the engine power, or simply the consumer to optimize.

Compatible devices: KTAG/ KESS V2

Systems requirement: Windows XP/ VISTA/WIN7


Open “My computer->ECM Titanium (E:)” to copy the folder “ECM FULL” to “My computer->Local Disk (C:)”.

Open “Local Disk (C:)->ECM FULL”.

Right click “ECM Titanium Alientech S.r.l.” to send to Desktop.

Open “Shortcut to Titanium” on Desktop.


Click OK for WinLicense.

Select “Info->Lizenz ECMTiatium”.

Read and click OK.


Select “Werkzeuge->Sprachauswahl” to do language setup.

Select “English” and click OK.



(Solved) Kess v2 error “External exception EEFFACE “

I replaced chip and reset tokens, then get connection error “External exception EEFFACE” as following picture shows.


Try follow steps:

1.If you connect to internet with this clone tool,or make online update .The interface is destroy/broken

1.–Buy a new NPX chip with 60 tokens inside. Desolder the old NPX and change it with new.It cost 14-20USD, some users call this chip as CPU Repair Chip. Note: NPX is out of stock in some sites now, because the newest KESS V2 need not replace NPX, the NPX is preinstalled in the machine .


2.–or you have to weld a connector on backside of interface ,and plug the J-link programmer.
You can reset the Kess v2 to virgin. is available with J-link V8, cost about 20USD, Note: the newest KESS V2 V2.06 is packed with J-link V8 programmer, no need buy additional one.

Details about j-link v8 solve ECU Programming Tool Kess V2 master tokens limited problem:
Step 1. Buy one LPC2478 chip to replace the original one for KESS V2 master.

Step 2. Prepare for a LINK J-LINK V8 ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator.

Step 3: weld a connector on backside of interface.

Step 4: plug the J-link programmer


Also you can watch video in kess v2 master package to program the chip.

I hope it can solve your problem.

Our customers feedback some problem about Kess V2 Online Version,we sovled it and have written below,if you have same problems,it will help you.

Ktag KTM100 V7.003 work as Original Trasdata

Is it possible to read edc17c64 with ktm100? Here is the test report of an Ktag expert.

And this is the post with the most likes:
“I made for my friend remap of skoda octavia 3 rs tdi. he bought ECU Scanners Ktag ktm100, the vendor send me dump, i made remap without doi decalibration and lambda for 1100 after 1000mg of air. car is running and starting without problem. i start writing here to know how upgrade to fake firmware v7.003. I think in clone Trasdata is allowed protocols menu with edc17c64 and edc17c66 if firmware = 7.003. with trasdata menu to confirmation then there is true and china ktm100 can do edc17c64 !!!”

Ordered KTM100 firmware v7.003 from and received it last weekend.
ktm100 china is in fact trasdata i think…
Also it’s kind of the same as Ktag v6.070.
But this Ktag does not support BMW F chassis petrol and Mercedes-Benz W222
Only possible after fw 7.020 and ksuite 2.22 frm

ktm100 can do edc17c64 gpt!!! (And no possible 2l tdi 184 edc17 c64 wi)
this is my photo of edc17c64 with china no reworked ktm100 done.


These new ecus i have tested:
BMW 520d F10 EDC17C41 DDE8

Volvo edc17cp48 GPT
Mercedes CLA 217 1.6turbo MED17.7.3 GPT
Honda Edc17 GPT (dont remember exact model)

All seems to work AS ORIGINAL. Toyota Denso included also! And Yes, same as others say, KTAG master KTM100 V2.23 Firmware V7.020 is FAKE Trasdata. 100% same tool, same software, same car list, same protocols, just different name. . ktag will not work with ktm100… only if you will apply one patch for this and change .ept…and will be trasdata.