How to use GM Tech2 scan tool for Chevrolet C5 diagnostic


GM Tech2 is a diagnostic tool for the most part. It can be used to program out/in certain RPO’s in the BCM and can be used to bleed the ABS brake system without introducing air into the system. The extent to which it can be used to tune a Chevrolet C5 is that if you have a PCM Image that will work for your car you can save the current PCM Image and flash the new one you have onto the PCM. It cannot go in and individually change the tuning tables in the PCM as can say either EFI Live or HP Tuners tuning tools. But then those tools cannot touch the BCM either.
If you do or plan to do a lot of diagnostic work on your car it can be a worthwhile tool. Most of the diagnostic charts in the factory service manual assume the availability of a Tech 2. But you have to learn to use the tool like any other computerized diagnostic tool. It has layers and layers of menus to wade through. But in certain diagnostic situations it can be an invaluable tool because it allows you to turn on and off hundreds of computerized settings to aid in the diagnosis process.
GM intentionally dumbed down the capabilities of the Tech 2 to change things to avoid law suits due to an errant technician that changed engine or emissions settings that could result in engine damage or emissions violations.

GM Tech2, the bi-directional scan tool can access all the 10 computers in the C5 corvette. That means it can scan for DTC codes, allow the adding or removing of most accessory codes like turning off the mag ride shocks to install regular schocks, fixing window regulator problems, etc. For Bi-directional it can active the ABS system to flush the brake fluid, reset the Long Term Fuel Trims, eliminate the 1-4 shift on manual trans, etc. It cannot make changes (like a tune tool) to the transmission or engine management system. For the avid DIY’er it is a great tool.
In the C5, the “computers” (technically they are modules) and they communicate over the OBDII compatible DLC data bus to each other. The range from you radio to your ride control, to your HVAC system. Even the Bose head unit talks to the PCM and BCM through this bus, but the CD changer talks over a “private” data bus to the head unit.

The Sensor Modules that can be pulled up from the DIC are:
Only those C5’s with RPO F45 or F55 will have RTD.

Reference: Here is a very useful Tech II Scanner pathing document that you can use to figure out how to get to the end result that you need to test.

GM Tech 2

Authentic GM software puts you in the driver’s seat to fix GM vehicles right the 1st time.


Tech 2 is loaded with features:
The large, easy-to-read, back-lit screen is the first feature you’ll notice.
* Graphic screen displays both test and graphics, and is capable
* of showing nine sensors at once.Snapshot graphing shows you any failures or glitches at a glance.
* The Tech 2 scanner is reprogrammable to keep pace with  vehicle and
* tool evolution.RS232 communications port provides the avenue to connect future
* devices to your automotive diagnostic equipment Tech 2, such as SPS reprogramming.


GM Software

Authentic GM software in the GM Tech2
* means you have the same information as GM dealers.Supports on-board diagnostics for all
* GM systems 1992 thru 2008.The authentic GM software will provide
* full bidirectional control when performing powertrain, chassis, and body diagnostics.Store DTC,freeze frame, and failure
* record for later review.Watch the status of vehicle diagnostic
* tests as they run.

10-3 10-4

The GM MDI Unit is a compact communication module that manages the transfer of
* data between a vehicle’s onboard ECU network and a PC. The GM MDI Programming Solution Bundle includes a one year subscription to the GM
* Technical Information System (TiS) SPS – a $995 value! With your included TiS SPS subscription you can always access the most current
* General Motors vehicle control module calibrations.The GM MDI Unit has an easy to grip, comfortable, rugged enclosure.
* The GM MDI Programming Solution Bundle allows the user to perform Pass-Thru
* programming procedures using software running on a laptop or desktop PC. Using the GM MDI Unit for programming frees up your Tech 2 for diagnostics.
* User can perform Data transfer and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming.
* The GM MDI Unit has shop network communications (LAN and WLAN) capabilities.
* Future expandability, including diagnostic applications.
* GM MDI is also available without TiS SPS subscription.


CANdi Module
An industry change in protocol from OBD2TOOL to Controller Area Network (CAN) is ongoing. In order to perform diagnostics on a vehicle that uses the CAN  interface, you will need the Tech 2 and a CAN diagnostic interface  module. The CANdi module connects between the Tech 2’s  diagnostic link cable and the OBD adapter. Once the CANdi  module is connected, it can be used on all GM vehicle applications,  even those vehicles using other platforms such as OBD I and OBD II.CANdi Module is included in the Tech 2 Deluxe Kit — No. 3649.

GM Software Subscriptions


How to Connect the Tech 2 to a Computer Terminal

Follow the steps below and refer to the follow picture, which illustrates the typical Tech 2 Scan Tool connection to a computer terminal.


1.  Plug the serial port adapter (P/N TA00040) into the serial port marked “A” or “1” on the back of the computer terminal or to the USB port using the USB serial adapter.

2.  Plug the Tech 2’s RS-232 cable into the serial port / USB port adapter and connect the appropriate power supply.

3.  After power is supplied to the Tech 2 and the [PWR] button is pressed, the Car Scanner Tech 2 start-up display
should appear on the Tech 2 screen.


Power Supplies
Power up the Tech 2 using either:
*  The power jack connector at the bottom of the Tech 2 unit, or
*  The DLC cable power jack connector behind the area where various DLC adapters are connected.


For non-vehicle communications, connect power source to either location.

For vehicle communications, connect the power source to the DLC cable power jack connector only. Proper grounding may not be present if power source is connected directly to Tech 2.

When the Tech 2 is connected to the DLC of an appropriate vehicle, the vehicle battery supplies power.

When the Tech 2 from is not connected to the vehicle’s DLC, the DLC cable power jack connector accepts power from the following:
*  Cigarette lighter power cable
*  Battery power cable
*  NAO or Universal power supply


If the DLC and external power source are both connected, the power jack connection supplies current to the Tech 2. In this instance, power from the vehicle’s DLC connector is automatically disconnected from the Tech 2 internal power supply

how to fix Tech2 reports SAAB mass airflow deviation issue P0101

MY GM Tech 2 Diagnostic Scan Tool has reported this issue for a while. My car has been throwing a mass airflow deviation code sporadically while driving. I reset my ecu, drive around for a while but the code will pop up again. When it throws the code the ecu also limits torque (the 04’s way of limp home mode).
I have gone through all of the vacuum lines and was not able to find a single leak anywhere. I think the MAF sensor is bad but I just wanted to get an opinion before I buy a new one.
Here are two pictures showing what the Tech2 Scanner is reading, one is the fuel adaption and trim which should be close to 0% I believe and the car is doing this because of the air deviation. The other is the actual air deviation test; normal fuel correction should be closer to zero, I think it says normal range is between +/- 5% and same goes for the air deviation at idle.

I also took a video of the numbers read from the MAF sensor, which should be sitting between 3.5-4.5 g/s at idle. Mine sits below 3.5 most of the time and jumps up above 5 sometimes.

9th January 2015 update:
Replaced the MAF today, and the readings on the sensor are better (I think that MAF was going bad, I think there are multiple problems) but I’m still getting the p0101 airflow deviation code. I don’t believe that there is a leak on the line or in the intercooler anymore because I ran some tests with the tech 2 and noticed the only time there is an airflow deviation is during idle or letting off the gas. While under high load, deviation sat at right around 0%.
Going to try some more stuff out tommorow. Will report back.

10th January 2015 update:
Today I replaced the Charge Air Solenoid which is located on top of the turbo bypass valve next to the intake filter box. I drove the car around for a while with the tech2 and the air deviation was sitting right around 0%!
I think it is fixed now, I’m going to drive it for a few days to test but so far it seems the MAF and the Charge Air Solenoid were both going bad if not bad already. When I looked up what can happen when that solenoid goes bad, a few spots said it can cause the turbo to “pump” when letting off the gas which in my case caused a sharp fluctuation in MAF calculated and recieved during that time. It also is used to regulate engine idling so I believe thats why I was seeing a large deviation in idle as well.

GM Tech2 Vetronix Scanner Feedback Yes and NO (All Here)

This article includes all GM Tech2 scanner Vetronix  clone feedback Yes and No list, aiming to help the GM technicians who are new to GM Tech2 Scanner.

Before continuing reading, please note GM Tech II works not on truck; go for VXDIAG VCX HD for truck.

GM tech2 Vetronix to test OK

Item No. SP23-C, with Candi interface for C6, $349 (bought from

Item No. SP23, $285 (cheapest)
I have no other GM Tech from the same shop, but as I know some guys test ok too.


How to use GM tech 2?

Plug and play, no need install on computer.

tech 2 handheld scanner


Test Report:

Remind: press Ctrl+ F to search is easier.

Part 1: Feedback Yes

– Used my GM tech II to retrofit tcs and marry a non divorced cd changer.

– reads everything a genuine one does. Heck, it’s probably made in the same factory as a genuine one with a different sticker on it. Pinpoint bad air bag sensors, turned on the tpms on both our Z’s.

– It works exactly like any others I’ve used at gm dealers over the years

– $339 for a brand new tech2 with a CANDI module all the cables and adapters and case is great

-connected to my intimidator ss and everything was there

– Change one of my c5s that is canadien to US to disable the auto headlights because they don’t always open when they should and when they do work right they come on too early.

– You have to specify GM English when you order the unit. There are a lot of other cards for different languages Saab, Holden, etc

– Is now fully functional for F body, C5 and C6, It cost me a lot more than the initial $1000 that I thought was a good deal.

– Plugin to my ’08 93 Aero and play around with the typical body and key features. My primary reason for picking up the Tech II was to program a spare key. I figured ~$500+ at a dealer or ~$400 on my own would be well worth it…obviously if I received a working, defect free, unit.

– Programming a key and changing some of the standard comfort features.

– Able to get security access using an old Dell laptop from my IT guy’s graveyard.

– Programming a new key was easily as 1-2-3

– Changed my key-unlock settings to all at first press, and then lock on drive off/open on key out was a snap.

– If you had a Tech2, you could possibly talk to the dealer and have them access their TIS system to load the BCM or PCM calibration to your Tech2. Some may do it.

If you can’t do that, just buy additional TIS2000 with USB key.

– Hooked it up to test engine, ABS, transmission etc, stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, live data all the test result were displayed on the large, easy –to-read backlit screen. It helped to carry out accurate and stable diagnostic function.

– Compared with GM MDI, Tech2 scan tool covers more vehicles including OPEL, GM, SAAB, and Isuzu.

-used it on my GMC for air bag warning

-Tried it on my 2006 Silverado & worked ok.

– The tis 2000 needs windows XP, Vista, win8.1, Win 7 32 bit.

– Able to easily and completely program out the TPMS system

– I have used mine to do two crank sensor re=learns and did the brake bleed on mine for the EBCM flush and it worked fine

– I am fairly certain it works on all GM cars til 2013. I have used it on my 03 GMC full size pickup, and my sisters 07 Trailblazer !!!! (and my 99 vette of course).

-If you have a 1997-2000, the TPMS is in the firmware and cannot be programmed. With the addition of the Z06 in 2001-2004, it can be programmed.

– Bleed the ABS ok.

– Used to cycle and bleed the ABS brakes on my C6 ok

-Plugged it in to my 2011 Z06, and activated the Afterblow feature. I also cleared some old DTC codes that were in history. It works just fine and the quality feels genuine. It’s a pretty good knock off. Even came with all of the stickers from the Veltronix manufacturer. I assume they are knock off too.

– Used it to program my key fobs for my Malibu but also have 4 other Chevys

Part 2: Feedback NO

– GM tech2 scan tool would NOT work with All C5’s, if you are going to use it on a C6,, make SURE you have the CAN D modules.

– Cars only, no trucks, be advised to use Allscanner VXDIAG VCX HD heavy duty scanner.

….To be continued…


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Free download GM TECH 2 TIS 2000 crack

Here, i wanna share something interesting with you all. I happened to get the GM Tech2 Diagnostic Tool software TIS2000 dongle crack version from mh****forum.

Usually, we users need buy TIS2000 dongle key for programming on saab cars

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The file that contained the software security dongle did work for me. When I updated the security access on the Tech 2 the TIS2000 still showed type 1.
I used the Tech 2 GM Scan Tool to add the components that had elevated security and it worked!

10-1 10-2 10-3 10-4

The setup instruction also shared by the donator. Just quoted.

1) Install software.

2) Run \Drivers\DDINST32.EXE and press “Express” to install Activator Dongle drivers.

(IF your PC DID NOT has LPT port you will took 1 “Error”! DO NOT bother!)

3) Replace original Id.dll and SCAControlUI.exe with patched in ..\Program Files\cosids\bin

4) Copy files from folder Dongle to c:\Windows\System32

5) Enjoy!

In the end, i collect some typical questions and answers . Hopefully, help you also.

Q: What is number of your COM port? Which you are using to connect OBD-II scan tool Tech 2?

A: I have 2 available com ports in my pc (1 native and 1 usb to serial), both work without any issue.

Q: I keep getting registry access error messages when I try to install the DDINST32.EXE file.

A: You should have a real LPT-port on the computer.
Another and better solution is to download/install Saab GlobalTis from this site and then ask for activation in the right thread, that will for sure solve the dongle problems.

Q: Anyone can help with issues when add BCM or ICM3 and help confirm things with crack for GM Tech II tis2000?

A: I updated and add back a lot of modules. After every module update, I would add it back right after the update complete before I went ahead and update another module. I don’t know why your Tech2 require security access level 2. When I updated mine, only security access level 1 is required.
Your are suppose to copy the two files from dongle folder to C:\Windows\System32.
There should be 2 other files “Id.dll and SCAControlUI.exe”, Copy that to C:\Program Files\cosids\bin and overwrite the 2 files.


GM Tech 2 Error: GM TECH 2 CANdi module interface not detected(solved)


GM Tech2 scanner error: Tech 2 Scan Tool CANdi module interface not detected.


1.Together with the car ignition off, connect the gm tech two and gm tech 2 CANdi module(which now is a single extended cable).

2.Power up the Tech2 You may get 12V in the DLC (now it took me a half hour to find out the “DLC signifies “Data Hyperlink Connector” and is what we also call the Obd2 scan tool, so be ready to be stumped by TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms).

3.At the principal menu press F3-tool solutions.

4.In the tool alternatives screen pick F9, CANdi Diagnostics.

5.You will find two tests on the subsequent screen, run them each. When you get pass on each, that you are excellent to go. The CANdi should really talk to your 2004 vehicle.
6.Either turn the ignition key of your car to on, or start out it (for a C6 there is not an “on”).

7.Press the EXIT button till the Tech2 Scanner goes back to the primary menu.

8.Choose F0, Diagnostics.

9.Make all of the requested selections to get you for the module inside the automobile you would like to appear at. You could be choosing physique style; you might want the body code (from time to time the third character in the VIN) the engine size, manual or auto and from time to time radio variety. You might also be asked about particular choices, like ZL6. They’re on a tag in the glovebox.