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CRP 123P VS CRP 129P

  CRP123P Comparation with previous version CRP123 1.Bigger screen, better views of graphs and more, upgraded from 3.5″ to 4″ 2.Bigger memory, faster, better, upgraded from 1GB to 8GB 3.Upgraded hardware, add handle, bigger buttons, improved irreconcilability, much easier to operation. 4.Add more vehicle models as followings: Mahindra, Maruti,Suzuki,Tata,Fiat(Brazil),Porsche,SAAB,HOLDEN Languages: […]


Original Launch CRP123 Launch CReader Professional CRP123 Global Version Update Online

Launch CReader Professional 123 Language: English, French, Spanish Attention:  There is password letter on the pacakge, you can register it online, and use this passowrd to download the software online. Launch CReader Professional 123 main functions do not only include OBD / EOBD standard protocol diagnosis, but also cover professional […]

Launch Tech Creader Professional CRP123 Can End Your Search For Best Vehicle Scanner

Launch Tech Creader Professional CRP123 is a transmission and engine code scanner that is designed with high quality standards. It is equipped with the latest “Mode 6” technology that offers many more features than any other current OBD-II scanner. During my review, I came across some amazing features that are […]