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How to Solve Benz Xentry No access Authorization

Solution to vxdiag Benz xentry error “No access authorization, You must contact the User Help Desk. Reason: Means the License errors, need register again. How to register Xentry? If you use the hard disk in the package, you will find a TOOL folder on the desktop, click it and then


Xentry C6 Diagnostic for Mercedes Benz Xentry Diagnosis VCI

C6 OEM DoIP Xentry is the newest Diagnosis VCI for Mercedes Benz & SMART serves as the interface to the vehicle when performing diagnosis and repairs, and programming electric and electronic on-board vehicle systems. It can replace Star C4/C5. XENTRY Diagnosis VCI acts as a Pass-through Interface, also called MB

Super MB Pro M6

Super MB Pro M6 vs. C4 vs. C6

Do you know how to choose MB Star Diagnostic Tool? Here we have picked out 4 to make a comparison. Let’s find what are the differences between them. This post is available with Mercede Benz diagnostic tools, include reviews and comparison of Benz VCI C6, Benz OEM C6, Benz ECOM,


How to Change VXDIAG Benz DAS & Xentry Software Language

Question: Possible to change Vxdiag Benz C6 DAS language to Czech and how to? Solution: VXDIAG Benz DAS/Xentry available language: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese Check DAS language change guide below: The procedure fits


MB SD Connect C5 or MB SD Connect C4 Which to Buy?

Mercedes Benz MB Star C5 and MB STAR C4 which is better? Check user feedback below: 2021.06V MB SD Connect C4/C5 Star Diagnosis Plus Lenovo T420 Laptop With Vediamo and DTS Engineering Software Support Offline Programming 1.The feedback was based on who has both xentry connect and sdconnect systems. 2.MB


SD Connect C4 C5 Software 2021.3 Xentry Download

This is the free link for download xentry 2021.3 xentry download link: password: fmochy Size: 19.96GB ***This link is the installation package for customers whose xentry is damaged and need to reinstall. Contributor: Safety: 100% yes The most worry-free way is: buy a hard drive with 2021.3 Xentry,


How to fix Super MB Star C3 “Error 23 H1.First Install.exe” Issue

Dear Cathy: I recently got a Super MB Star C3 from OBD2TOOL for my Mercedes 2009. I got the Mb Star C3 device two days ago, tried installing it on the same day, but got an error message, reading “Error 23, while reading from H:\1.First Install.exe”, as shown below, during the installation.


How to Solve MB SD C4 EWA Local Host Can’t be reached

Problem: I tried to enter local host in MB SD Connect C4 EWS software, it failed me and reported error “This site cannot be reached” Solution: Press windows icon on the tool bar. Find EWS program Right click to open EWA as administrator Then Started EWS server It will show


Star C3 cannot work on recent W205 solution

User puzzles: I have installed Xentry 9.2018 in Star C3 multiplexer. It works well so far. Now, I need to make diagnosis on w205 year 12/2018 but It can not communicate with the car. C3 don’t work in all recent cars in xentry but in DAS is ok. Experienced users’