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Lonsdor K518 Program Ford Ranger 2016 Remote Key

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer has successfully programmed new remote keys on a Ford Ranger year 2016. Procedure: Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket Turn ignition ON Select Immobilizer->Ford->Ranger->Immobilizer->Add a key Turn ignition off Communicating… Automotive Key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE read vehicle part number, VIN and current key numbers Reading […]

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 add remote key with SKP1000 programmer

Topic: Have Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 remote key, firstly use Auto Key Programming SKP1000 programmer to match 72 (with G) 433MHZ, then match the remote key manually Chip model: 72 (with G) remote control frequency: 433MHZ Unlock direction: Clockwise Key embryo: NO. 02 OBD position: under the steering wheel Comes […]



Program Subaru Outback 2012 key by SKP1000

Guide to program Subaru Outback 2012 key when all keys lost by using SKP1000 Key Programmer via OBD. Key information: Original key: 3-button straight remote key Chip: Special 62 chip Remote frequency: 433MHz Remote Programming: Manually Device: SKP1000 tablet car key programmer Procedure: Step 1: Manually program remote Disamble the triangular […]

SKP1000 Disable Mercedes S500 2012 key by OBD

Car Diagnostic Tool SKP1000 key programmer will enable/disable majority BMW and Mercedes keys, but not able to program. (Programming requires BMW/Mercedes specific key programmers.) Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz S500 W221 2012 Intention: The customer has 2 working keys in hand. He want to check if there is other keys, if yes, disable […]



How to add Jeep Wrangler 2013 Remote Key by OBD

Here is the easy guide on programming Jeep Wrangler 2013 2-button straight remote key with ID46 chip by using SKP1000 key programmer via OBD from . Connect SKP1000 Key Programmer with vehicle via OBD diagnosis socket under the dashboard through the main cable (The menu here is in Chinese, English language […]

Why SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer replace SKP900 key pro

Topic: SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer what is it & how does it work? What is SKP-1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer? SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer, English version of Lonsdor CI600 Plus,perfectly Replaces SKP900 Key Programmer. Performs immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote controller, Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustment, EPB, pin code […]



(Guide) SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 program Honda Accord 2015 new key

This is an operation guide to program Honda Accord 2015 new key by using SKP900 Auto Key Programmer. Hope it helps! First choose “Immobilizer” on main menu, select “Honda” then “System Type” then “Immobilizer 3”. Next you will see Vehicle Selection, press Enter button to go on. It will remind […]

SKP900 V5.0 add new Toyota Corolla H chip key OK

Is it possible SuperOBD SKP-900 V5.0 to make a new Toyota H chip key? How? Yes, it’s newly tested SuperOBD SKP900 V5.0 program Toyota H chip for Toyota Corolla 2015 OK! (With a working key) Check below step by step! How to make a new Toyota Corolla H chip remote […]


What do you know about SKP-900 key programmer

SKP900 Auto Key Programmer is a very popular product to program universal car keys. And People also have few questions about it, sorts out the frequently asked SKP-900 questions. If you have any problem about it, you can write skp-900 reviews. 1.LCD Screen Original SKP900 car key programmer uses top quality […]