Ford VCM II How to Get IDS Software into VMware


Question: I bought¬†VCM II and downloaded Ford IDS / Mazda IDS & Ford Mazda Patch. It doesn’t allow me to install both of them together, and neither does the patch work, just a message saying that the IDS cannot be found. How do I get this IDS software in VMware so that I can run both on one PC. I have already installed VMware v6.0.2 with JLR SDD on it. engineer solution:

Divide the hard drive into two partitions, e.g. B. drive C and drive D, and then install a computer system on drive C and drive D.

Please look at these images, you can get multiple systems on this hard drive:


Important using tips:

1. Please uninstall the anti-virus software. Otherwise, it will block all software from downloading.

2. Download the newest virtual machine software V124:

Ford IDS V124 Installation package:

MZD IDS V124 Installation package:

Ford and Mzd patch:

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