How to flash a BMW DME or EGS with WinKFP


Here is the guide to set up and flash a DME or EGS. Look at the steps starting at “Open up WinKFP” below.

– Install BMW Standard Tools 2.12 (EDIBAS, INPA, WinKFP, NCS Expert) and ensure they work with your car.
– WinKFP 5.1.6 (no earlier version than this)
– INPA 5 or higher
– Get the daten files (download, extract from Progman or Ista/p).
– E39 daten files:
– E46 daten files:
– See these instructions for extracting the daten files from Ista/p.

– Have jumper cables to another car battery supplying a minimum of 10A power.
– Connect the K-line cable to OBD port on car and USB port on computer.
– Turn the ignition key to position 2.
– Open up WinKFP.
– Select Configuration
– Uncheck Fast baudrate.
– To not increment the flash update counter, uncheck all UIF checkboxes.
– Click OK, cancel all the prompts about creating the new config files, click Ok to save to INI file.
– Select F1 Comfort Mode.
– Select F3 Update ZUSB.
– Select the ECU to update (ex: GD20, GD8604, MDS43, MDS451, etc.).
– Select F4 Enter VIN and paste in the full VIN for the car.
– Select F8 Done.
– Select F3 Prog. ZB-Update to detect current version and latest available update version.
– Click OK to begin flashing.
– It takes 43 minutes for MS45.1, 20 minutes for MS43, 7 minutes for GD20, 12 minutes for GD8604).
– After the confirmation message of flash update complete, close WinKFP.
– Wait one minute.
– Turn off the ignition key.
– Wait one minute.
– Turn on the ignition key to position 2.
– Clear adaptations using eitherĀ BMW Diagnostic Software INPA or PA Soft 1.4:
– Start INPA, select DME, Errors, Adaptations.
– Start PA Soft 1.4, select Units, select DME/DDE, select called “DME-EWS Adaptations”.
– Clear any error codes in both DME and EGS. Turn off key for one minute. Try again. Do this until all are cleared.

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