Mercedes C200 2011 Oil Reset via Autel MaxiSys MS906

mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-1 (2)

How to perform oil reset for a Mercedes Benz C200 2011 with Autel MaxiSYS MS906 scan tool? As below will show you the procedure step by step.

Plug Autel MS906 connector to the OBD2 port of Mercedes:

Diagnostics >> Mercedes-Benz >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-1 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-2 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-3 (2)

OK >> Yes >> Hot function >> Oil reset

mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-4 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-5 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-6 (2)

Instrument cluster >> Trouble codes

No fault codes detected, press “ESC”.

mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-8 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-9 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-10 (2)

Maintenance >> Reset the general maintenance >> F1

Note: only the latest, accidentally confirmed general maintenance can be reset.

mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-11 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-12 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-13 (2)

Continue >> Completed

Exit back to main menu: Diagnosis >> Auto scan

There is no fault. Oil reset has done!

mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-14 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-15 (2)
mercedes-c200-2011-oil-reset-via-autel-maxisys-ms906-16 (2)

This is using Autel MS906 Diagnostic Scanner to do oil reset for a Mercedes C200. It supports to do other services such as TPMS, EPB, ABS, SRS, SAS, DPF, BMS, IMMO… as well.

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