How to use Autel MaxiIM IM508 to program BMW key via OBD

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-2 (2)

This is my BMW car.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-1 (2)

Now, let’s get inside and I’ll show you how to use Autel MaxiIM IM508 to program BMW key via OBD.

Here are the steps:
1.Click “Immo” and accept the disclaimer, then choose “BMW” button.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-2 (2)

2.Choose “smart selection” and it will automatically scan CAS4/ CAS4+immobilizer system, DME engine system and EGS transmission system, then click “Report”.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-3 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-4 (2)

3.Clear the DTCs of the systems which have DTCs.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-5 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-6 (2)

4.Click “OBD learning”>>“OK”>>“OBD Read SK”.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-7 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-8 (2)

5.Read information about current ECU and download file.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-9 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-10 (2)

6.Back-up coding file, program, restore coding files and establish vehicle communication.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-11 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-12 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-13 (2)
How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-14 (2)

7.Click “OK”>>“OK”again, then it will begin to read password.

How-to-use-Autel-MaxiIM-IM508-to-program-BMW-key-via-OBD-15 (2)

8.When reading password is finished, take a picture of the password and Click “OK”.
9.Choose a free key, say “Key3” and click “Write key”.
10.Put a new key close to the start coil and exit.

Job is done, now you can test the key.

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