How to use ODO Master to change Mazda 6 2017 miles

obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-01 (2)

Confirmed: OBDSTAR Odo Master mileage programmer is working fine with Mazda 6 2017 via OBD.

You can follow the steps below:

Mazda V30.95 -> Manual selection -> M6 -> 2014 -> Switch ignition on -> before modifying mileage, please execute[Data backup] function -> communicating -> go on by following the on-screen instruction.

obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-01 (2) obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-02 (2)

obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-03 (2) obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-04 (2) obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-05 (2) obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-06 (2) obdstar-odomaster-mazda-6-2017-mileage-programming-07 (2)

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