How to Add Toyota Sienna 2005 TP30 Chip Key with SBB


How to: duplicate Toyota Sienna 2005 Key Programming with Chip TP30 using SBB Key Programmer. Procedure applied to Sienna from year 2004 to 2007.

Zed-bull mini read chip info:

Toyota master key, type 4D 67

You need a working key and a new key to be programmed.

Don’t forget to feed your car with battery supply

Connect SBB key programmer with vehicle via OBD socket

In Immobilizer menu, select Toyota USA->Sienna 04-07

Insert working key and turn on ignition switch

SBB gives you option to erase existing fault codes before add a new key

Erase all keys and then add a new key

Jst follow sbb prompts to operate, very easy.

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