How to Disable Nissan AltimaMurano Engine Braking with Consult3

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-14 (2)

I have a Nissan Murano Z51 3.5L CVT 2012Y, love the car except DOWNHILL ENGINE BRAKE CONTROL (AUTO ENGINE BRAKE CONTROL in the CVT.  I prefer to control the car myself and I like to use free wheeling to better my gas mileage. I’ve read that this “feature” can be un-programmed by a professional scanner.

Yes, on the Altima/Murano CVT, hill-assist engine braking is a feature that can be turned off.

Here’s the step-by-step using Nissan Consult 3 diagnostic tool.

If you are using a clone, Consult iii Plus is a better choice.

Launch Starter in which we select Consult-III :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-1 (2)

Press the Connect button :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-2 (2)
Choose vehicle model Murano Z51 after 2010.v. and press the Select button :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-3 (2)

Confirm the selection with the Confirm button :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-4 (2)
Choose Diagnosis :
consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-5 (2)
Select the type of Can- bus according to the configuration, in this case, the very first, and click the Next button :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-6 (2)
Click on the tablet:

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-7 (2)
Choose System Diagnosis :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-8 (2)
Click on Transmission and OK :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-9 (2)
Moving towards Work Support :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-10 (2)
Click on Engine Brake Adj. and Next :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-11 (2)
Currently, the braking level is set to 0 :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-12 (2)
Click on DWN fro several times, until the level of engine braking changes to Off :

consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-13 (2)
Job completed.
consult3-murano-disable-engine-brake-14 (2)
Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. Credit to Car-Buster.

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