OBDSTAR or Lonsdor to Make Scenic IV 2019 Key

OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-1 (2)

Question:  It’s possible to add a Renault scenic 4 year 2019 smart card on obdstar x300 DP plus version c or Lonsdor K518ISE?

Both add key and all keys lost can be done.

OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-1 (2)

A Renault converter is required.

OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-2 (2)

Steps to program smart key card for Scenic 4
1.) Read flash
2.) Generate dealer key
3.) Program a new key
i.e Scenic IV 2016)

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OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-4 (2)
OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-5 (2) OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-6 (2) OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-7 (2) OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-8 (2) OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-9 (2)

OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-10 (2) OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-11 (2) OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-12 (2)

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Lonsdor: Yes

OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-13 (2)

The key is the same as clio and kajar.   They released update for these on April 2020.
Lonsdor adds Scenic IV 2015 up smart key and mechanical key programming on April 17, 2020.

OBDSTAR-or-Lonsdor-to-Make-Scenic-IV-2019-Key-14 (2)

Choose make dealer Key>>add key.
K518ISE program Clio IV no problem but you must know a little tips for this one.
when you Reading data and you have info to remove card from slot. Just don’t do this and insert new card to slot and them read data, then the card get precoded for car and you can normally add. When you get card out then you get comm that the card is bad condition.

If money is not a problem, AVDI and zed-full are good options to program card for Scenic 4 as well.

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